The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has teamed up with specialist company, Drone Complier, to develop a smartphone, tablet and web-based app to help drone flyers fly safely and responsibly.

The app, called ‘Can I fly there?’ is due to be launched in May this year.

The app will allow those flying drones for fun, or under the new sub-2kg commercial category to enter a location where they are proposing to fly. It will then flag nearby ‘no-drone zones’ such as airports, helicopter landing areas and other restricted areas.

It will also flag ‘no-drone zones’ areas where emergency services such as firefighters are operating.

CASA’s Group Manager, Aviation, Graeme Crawford, said that the app would also educate Australia’s drone community on what rules to follow.

‘The app will encourage these drone flyers to operate responsibly and to follow our standard operating conditions each and every time they fly,’ Mr Crawford said.

‘We know people want to have fun with their drones. We want to help them do this safely by reducing the potential for them to fly their drone inadvertently in a way that might cause a threat to aircraft or other people.

‘This app will provide them with the relevant content and services they expect to have at their fingertips when out flying.’

Drone Complier’s Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Rochat, said that they were excited to have been selected by CASA to support the Australian sub 2kg drone category. 

‘Our software is focused on ensuring simple drone compliance, delivering safety and simplicity for both hobbyist and enterprise customers,’ Mr Rochat said.

‘Drone Complier’s new app will provide CASA with a capability to execute on their vision to create safe skies for all.’ 
Drone Complier was selected by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority following a competitive tender process that opened in September 2016.


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  • Congrats Wayne!

  • Check out the free "Safe to Fly" app - Australian - that does this very thing! Shows no fly zones around airports and helipads, geolocates the user, shows local current weather conditions including wind speed, and is a pretty cool app, available for iOS devices, not sure about Android.
  • Nice! That's forward thinking. Why not make compliance fun and easy?

    Maybe they can add weather and recommended spots to fly as well?

    Could even expand to app based ADSB type tracking of UAV's. 

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