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  • Thank you, Sandro :)
    I will present our work at the UAV conference in June in Dubai ( This is why the recent paper is not available for download currently. You can find pdfs about the (outdated) earlier work on the project site or I can send you details via email, just contact me: karl.e.wenzel at
    We used the wiicam also for hovering above - and starting landing with a flat pattern. The results were even better (3cm RMSE) but with a smaller operation area.
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    @Will and Karl: I loved to know that WiiCam does it all. It simplifies considerably the processing and opens a lot of possibilities.

    @Karl: Congratulations, by the great coding and the nice idea! Is there any documentation about that calcs involving triangulation? I'm curious to read some reference about it.
  • Here are photos of the Wiimote opened up, the camera itself (8*8*5mm³, 0.4g) and the camera opened up.


  • Hi!
    I'm the developer and initially planned to post some info here today. Jason Kunc was faster :D
    Thanks for posting, also the project site:

    Yes, the people here are right. The I2C Wiimote camera does all the image processing and the flight controller runs on the onboard Atmega644P. Rather simple PID controllers...
    The quadrocopter is an AscTec Hummingbird Autopilot and quite stable by its 1kHz controller and onboard MEMS. We use their interface (basically the same input as from rc) to command it.
    Feel free to contact me for any questions!
    Karl E. Wenzel
  • That wiimote camera is so cool, it spits out the four brightest points over a TWI. All the processing is done by the camera, so even with a slow µC, you can find IR points.
  • way cool!
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    Double blast, now what's Jack going to say!
  • 3D Robotics
    Yes, Mikrokopter is great technology. But there's still progress to be made on price...there's no reason great quads can't be available for a few hundred dollars. I know ArduCopter and OpenPilot are both aiming for that...
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    Wow, the Germans really do rule the quad world.
  • MikroKopter has had the follow me function for at least a year:

    Trust me, you have easily won the "follow me" competition LOL.
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