Autonomous Exploration inside Dark Tunnels

Dear community,

In these two videos you will see some recent results on autonomous exploration of tunnels in visually-degraded (dark) conditions. Both localization and mapping, as well as path planning and control are handled completely autonomously. 



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  • Could I bother you for a BOM ? I am very interested in mapping large areas outside in fields. This looks like the application that would fit my need. Thank you
  • Dear Ed. Although we are currently not working on a commercial product, I can tell you that all the components here are low-cost. They are cameras, LEDs, IMUs, embedded electronics (custom-built) and the only thing that increases the price is the addition of Time-of-flight cameras. 

  • Very nice. Are there any plans to make a reasonably priced unit for the general population?
  • One of our main application scenarios relates to nuclear site decommissioning support. Others also are considered. 

  • It would be interesting to see application scenarios for inspection and search and rescue.
  • Thanks for info Kostas

  • Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for your interest. Most of the work is either published ( ) or under review etc. Still however, this talk covers a significant part of the technology: 

    And of course there are some many other groups and researchers to follow that work in these domains. 



  • Awesome works!

    Can we have some links to technical documentation, schematic diagram of hardware and software used and the like?



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