Hi all,

We are testing the RTK GPS receiver from Septentrio, the AsteRX-m UAS with ArduCopter 3.4. The GPS can be used to land accurate as shown in the first part of our video. The land location was logged and loaded into the waypoint file in Mission Planner. In the second part we show an autonomous transportation of a package as possible application.



We made a multirotor with a 6s battery, 11" props, RTK GPS to land accurate, an EPM from NicaDrone for package delivery, and a balance charger to reload the battery of the vehicle.  

Next step: implementing this technologie on a low weight drone that flies fast and far (VertiKUL 2) to deliver packages.

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  • The UAVCAN code for the dropper might not be in yet. However, we've tested it successfully for manual and autonomous function before it was submitted for integration.

  • Thanks Stijn. Currently looking into acquiring one.

  • Hi Olivier,

    It's plug and play, of course you have to select the correct driver (SBF) for the GPS and to land accurate you will have to tune your vehicle. You also have to.configure the Kalmanfilter because the measurements from the GPS are very precise now. A possible issue can be interference, we had this problem on another drone which had wifi on board. But on the drone you can see on the picture it really had a fast RTK fix. 

  • Awesome!

    How was your integration experience on AC 3.4 with the AsteRX-m UAS? Septentrio announces it as plug and play with Pixhawk and Ardupilot, any issues?


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