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From the always entertaining BotJunkie:

"I guess it’s cold enough up thar in Norway that even UAVs need their own little comfy modernist Scandinavian drone huts that look rather a lot like mailboxes. They’re part of Scandicraft’s ScanCam perimeter security system, and the idea is that the huts act as base stations for roving semi-autonomous quadrotors that are controlled remotely. The quadrotors can launch, recover, and recharge themselves at their huts (or “hangars” I guess), and when it snows (which I hear it doesn’t do once or twice a year), the bots can stay snug at home, enjoying their stylish furnishings which you can find at your friendly neighborhood IKEA as part of the new Röböüüüt collection.

[ Scandicraft ]"

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  • It's from Norway therefore it's too expensive. Wait for IKEA in the south to clone it, give it a white paint job and sell it at reasonable prices. ;)

  • cool thing!

  • Did i just see a naked miss Penelope running thru the woods in the background?
    Nah, must be hallucinating, gonna jump in my Thunderbirds-jammies and get some sleep now.
  • Still a nice idea: lots of mailboxes in the woods and those thing pop out from time to time to check for fire's...how much would Russia pay for such a network...since Poetin sacked all the foresters and fireman...who's up for the challenge?
  • Admin
    Should see the mail mans face when he tries to open the box to put the mail , .....
  • Admin
    Nope :), taylor watch the props carefully @ 1:23 , and tell us what do you see ;) Prop isn't spinning , so either it landed without props spinning or it landed earlier, prop stopped , then retraction started but video editor got little hasty... The quad could have landed on the plateform but it is not in the video from what I see , you need to assume it did.
  • "I wonder how much those people figure they can charge for that system."

    Pretty much I should think. That looks like a stealth mailbox!
  • you have to look fast. It's barely off the platform and then it lands and the thing retracts.
  • Admin
    Ron is right , I don't see it landing on its platform too. By I guess that should not be a problem ...
  • nah that's not a UAV, its a e-dog. it brings your email from your mailbox to your home ;-)
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