Autopilot needs survey


We have put together a survey to capture information about what professional users are looking for in an autopilot.
Please fill out this survey for all of the vehicle types you would like to fit an autopilot into.
Thank you
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  • Thanks for the update Craig. I was just looking at this last night. Interesting! ;-)

    In particular that the pricing around $200-300 and that 2/3 of users are planning to use a CC.

  • Developer

    The results of this survey are available here

  • @Dwgsparky Ah, I get where you're coming from now.  I hope your friends are able to adjust successfully.

  • Moderator

    @ Thomas

    Ok, so make a convincing statement to the three small business near me that have built their own business producing aircraft and copters using 3DR controllers and telemetry (as well as well the other smaller parts) to complete their products and now find that they have to go to HK for less quality items that they then have to try to support when the parts fail in 6 months!. 

    If 3DR want to go forward then don't abandon the little guy. does it really hurt the 3DR bottom line to hold stocks of these types of items, I dont think so.

    I run a service center for our electric vehicles and we carry EVERY part for vehicles we have sold in the last 10yrs, why ?, not to make money from them (yes we make a little ) but to support our customers who paid their hard earned money to buy OUR products which then pay me and feed my family.  Its about TRUST and frankly I do not  trust 3DR anymore to support me. 

  • @Dwgsparky, don't be too upset.  Change is normal and good.  If the opportunity is there to move up the food chain, why not?  Pushing the limits is a DIY mindset and 3DR has it.  If they move on, then I guess we'll have to do it ourselves, eh?

  • Moderator

    I will NOT complete this questionnaire, One simple reason 

    This will help 3DR to move further away from the DIY community and little guys who built this community and are now being pushed away. 3DR only want the enterprise systems and big dollars that go with them. 

    The little guys who also have businesses to run will have no choice to go elsewhere for controllers, telemetry and anything else that is useful but does not have a 4 figure price tag attached. 

    Anyone care to guess how long before DIY Drones is closed? 3DR dont need it obviously!. my guess is 6 months. 

  • I'd probably suggest your nephew check out the MSH Protos Max V2.  Should lift 3-5kg no problem.

  • Yep.  Also no rovers or boats.  Funny, those aren't supported by PX4 Flight Stack either, and also not available as options on this survey.  I wonder why.

    Survey also doesn't include SBUS output for Futaba servos, something I just started using, and is currently available on Pixhawk.  Does this mean no hope for that in the future?  We would support a janky interface like I2C, ill suited to drive actuators at any sort of distance, but not something established and robust like SBUS?

  • Rob

    Are you sure? I just did it and theres no submarines either. Just another idea that has been sunk! 

    Heli who? Its only been a week and you're all but forgotten..... :-(

    My nephew is interested in a heli for spraying capsicum crops, what's a decent low maintance heli with good 3-5kg payload? He uses only about 2L per hectare of liquid but doesn't want to drive through with the tractor. Ideally he'd like to only spray areas he can tell theres bugs on from a camera. PM if you like. Thx.

    Rgds JB

  • I would like to see helis on the list too.
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