Autopilot with XMEGA128A1 and ADXRS453 gyros

My latest autopilot with new ADXRS453 gyros is ready for testing.




- Two switching power supplies (Traco Power) at 6.5V and 5V for low power dissipation

-  Separated reference voltage with RLC filter for sensors

-  Separated reference voltage with RLC filter for ATXMEGA's ADC reference input

-  Separated power supply with RLC filter for MCU's digital side

- Two MCU's  ATXMEGA128A1 @ 40Mhz (40+40 MIPS), one for AHRS and one for navigation

- ADXRS453 ultra high vibration rejection gyros, digital output (SPI)

- LIS344ALH Accelerometer

- HMC5883L  3D Compass

- MPL3115A2    I2C Precision Altimeter - internal ready calculated altitude !! - saving MCU time for other tasks

- 6 R/C inputs

- 8 PWM outputs (460Hz)

- 2 PWM outputs for servo camera stabilization

- 8 digital outputs (500mA/each) for buzzer, external LED's,payload trigger,etc

- 2 spare analogical inputs @ 12bit

- 4 general purpose I/O's (I2C, UART, PWM)

- battery voltage monitoring

- Serial COM. for GPS

- Serial COM. for XBEE

- Serial COM. @ analogical input for ultrasonic Sonar

- Four LED's for GPS,XBEE,etc.

I will start doing testings with the AP in high vibration environment - by using unbalanced propellers + motors and see how well gyros will perform. In following days, MPL3115A2 will be also delivered. Just waiting to see the altitude precision of  this new IC.

Will keep you posted about testing results.



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  • Right now I'm working on the code for SPI comm. with gyros.

    I use (for many years ) Bascom AVR compiler.

  • Developer

    Yeah... there go the nice and expensive gyros from your other post!
    Their "neighborparts" are also great, including those low heat switching power suppliers.

    Looking forward to know about the funniest tricky part: the code. =)

  • wow nice gyros and the MPL3115A2 looks nice :)

    and good luck with coding can't wait for more postings :)

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