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AVC Round Two results

The rain has picked up, but we all got a good round two in. Here are the current standings, in order:

  1. The custom Rabbit-powered wing ("Robota") had a great run, with an auto takeoff (hand launched, so it didn't count, but still impressive) and an autolanding that just nailed, stopping right on the box line. He got a 30 second deduction for that, so his 34 second run turned into a time of 4 seconds, for first place
  2. The U Arizona Paparazzi team ("UoA Robotics")had a 35 second run, but nailed a perfect autonomous landing, for a 5 second second place.
  3. Doug Weibel tried an autonomous takeoff with ArduPilot w/IMU Skyfun ("Death by Pine Tree"), but it didn't quite pull up in time. He was allowed a second start (manual this time) and blasted through a very tight 20 second run for fastest overall time, but no bonus points, and thus third place
  4. The rain let up enough to let Jordi ("DIYDrones") do a slightly faster and very smooth second run of 37 seconds with the stock ArduPilot and EasyStar, giving us 4th place
  5. Both of the UAVDevBoard planes were recovered (one from a fence, another from a roof) but both are unflyable. Fortunately, Ben Levitt ("Donuts, Coffee and Muffins", a play on the DCM algorithm that we all use) had a backup AcroMaster. He did an autonomous VERTICAL takeoff, then a couple autonomous barrel rolls, then some calibration loops upside down, then did the course upside down. Awesome tight control, and pretty fast at 30 seconds, too, but unfortunately he clipped a corner and didn't score that round.

The rain is getting pretty heavy, so we thermopile guys may not do a third round, which would leave it to the IMU teams to win. Nail-biting suspense!

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  • Developer
    Nice going! I was hoping to see some good results from the latest code! Wish I was there, but at least I had some code in the air. Congratulations.
  • Hi Chris, Jordi , all DIYdrones members and other UAV teams over there

    Thanks for giving these updates

    So sad that the two teams with UDB got their planes damaged in first round...but Ben did awesome flight with its other Acromaster!

    Congratulations to all of you for your results !!!

    As already said, if you can take some pictures of each plane/team it will be nice

    Best regards, Jean-Claude
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