• 50 x 50 x 7 mm, 10 grams
  • RPSMA for antenna, 17 PC edge connections for power and data
  • 0.75 Watts transmit, 0.5 Watts receive, 3.3 VDC
  • Synchronous high speed SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)
  • UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) to 115.2 kilobaud
  • SPI or UART interface chosen by firmware
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  • Admin
    Yes you are right , 2W is difficult to find in nice package. Did you test the power out put to dummy load?
    Nice airframe , please tell us more about it. Thanks
  • Admin
    Hi Ho,
    The price of each AC4790 is 77.5 US$ , so how is it higher? Are you talking about SDK development kit? SDK kit from digikey is 199$ US now , it was 225$ when I bought it last year :((
  • I have used CL4790 & AC4790, too. The price higher then this one.
  • The real price should be request to it's company. In current product, it is hard to find the small Trx with 2W emission power. I had tested the Trx in 30km with 57600bps(5.76k byte/s) via this vehicle. you want high speed Trx(>19K), the resoure will be problem. XD
  • Admin
    ok Ho, thanks , But 150$ price will defeat it, currently two other very good products are in range of 69 - 89$ each. The programming interface are also easier than your model. We need consistent data speeds >=19K.
    Yes looks like Pen style WiFi booster , so should be 30-50 gm I guess.
  • One Trx is below US$100 in Taiwan that I bought. I think maybe below US$150 for the foreign customer.
    You can mail to the company to require the quotation of prices.
    I don;t sure the weight, it's very light can be put on the "EASY STAR".
  • Admin
    Hi Ho, the second product looks interesting , how much/cost are these? Each Trx and pair Trx? What is weight of each Trx? Thanks
  • There is one cheap products which I am using on my UAV.
  • Admin
    ;) , was wondering about it , must have been typo or some thing else coz thats too much over head for Rx!!
  • 0.5 Watts receive?
This reply was deleted.