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It has been a while but I am back at it . I made my first video the other day and with the help of Rainer Keller  and Chris Anderson  I finally figured out the path to post it on here to  show you guys. 

I Got a Midland XTC200 personal action cam strapped it to my Radian Pro and went flying . At my place on the farm there is a 150 foot cliff down to Lake Erie . The wind was blowing  30 knots up  over the cliff. (when you are eager to try something new,  sometimes reason takes the back seat !) I launched the plane,  about 100 feet up it caught the wind shear and was immediately blown 1/4 mile down wind."It was a Hand full"and I managed to land OK  right side up.

 Some of you guys might be wondering how my scratch built Aluminum air plane with the 32 EDF  turned out ? I assembled all the pieces and hung it from a rafter in the barn with the tail down and the nose up at full power it barely" hoovers " not  The performance I am looking for I want it to be able to climb straight up from stationary at half throttle . The Battery is way heavier than I had anticipated . (all you experienced guys can say "  Ha Ha I told You so!") My options are get a second EDF(make the same mistake twice) a Gas turbine or a 50cc Gas propeller engine . Meanwhile my radian pro is starting to show it's age I bought a Multiplex Easy Star a while back (box of foam) The radian is still flying down the road I am going to "Morph" The radian pro into the Multiplex  It is going to have an aluminum "Spine down the center joining the two haves together . You guys have a Great day!

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  • Good to see you're back at it! Waiting for more.
  • Andreas I am using a  6s 22.2v 5000  mah Battery .(  Check my previous blog  I bought a F4 Phantom 32 DF as a 

    Back up for the power train )I found out these batteries are highly Volatile and if you crash they can catch on fire easily and it is hard to extinguish the blaze. I live and  fly in the boonies if the field ever caught on fire I would never be able to put the fire out .    I had been waiting for a light dusting of snow to try flying it like a regular plane when it finally did snow we got 3 feet .I bought the camera I took the above video with for it  I just strapped it on my Radian pro and gave it a go 

  • I'm also waiting to see the aluminum monster in the air;)

    "Barely hover" should still fly, no? Not rocket-like as you intended of course..

    Can you go up one step up with the battery config? Meaning 4S instead of 3S? That would give you that extra boost.

  • Thank you for your update, I will nit have to harass you anymore for detail ;)
    I vote for gaz turbine :D
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