Dear Friends,
we're a little crazy so we would test the Ardupilot Mega on this frame. This is a best Italian Composite Fiber Frame for Electric Jet , But our friends TAMACO put a Kolibri Turbine on it (more info available at: ) ... in this video you can see how fast is that BaioJet Kolibry by TAMACO , the maximum speed test is around 300 km/h . We would test on this kind of frame the functionality of new ArduPilot Mega Board ... we hope don't crash your board Chris ;)

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  • Admin
    The engine in that one is Lambert Kolibri Nano (I guess) which is around 3.5k USD from US dealer or 2100 euro ( direct). 3.5 pound thrust


    After some experinence in 3 D heli and some stunt flying ( fast fingers), you can control these , not a problem. It is the wife and the wallet that kills you :)
  • Chris, thanks for sharing that. Alright I think 50Hz is plenty fast still, even at near 200 MPH.

    Robero, that probably would be safe :D The last thing we want to have is an UAV flying at 200MPH struggling to keep its course.
  • Moderator
    My idea for first flight is recording what happen at DCM at that speed ... only recording the data ...then after this kind of test i start to evaluate what kind of automatic test we can do ;)
  • 3D Robotics
    Jonathan. We run the DCM at 70Hz, which is faster than the servos can respond (50Hz). Only on quadcopters, where there are no servos (just solid state ESCs), is there an argument for faster loops. There, we run a PID layer above the DCM at a faster speed.
  • Correction, 500Hz or 1Khz (not 1Hz)
  • That's one fast little bugger.

    Chris - wouldn't the hardware be capable of polling at a higher rate of say, 500Hz or even 1Hz however if the software is capable of running that fast or not is another matter.
  • 3D Robotics
    Holy crap. I got scared just watching that. Your pilot is a god. I don't think we know how to write software to fly that!
  • It's crazy how people can pilot that beast. Experts only lol. How much does a turbine that run cost wise?
  • We're gonna need a bigger pitot tube. :)
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