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Hello DIY Droners! My Name is Tim Vrakas, and I'm a student at Brookfield East High School. I'm working with my friends raise money for the BEHS Technology and Engineering Club. Some of you might have seen my previous post announcing the start of our kick starter, and DIY Drones was one of our biggest supporters so far. we have 11 days left, and a long way to go, but with your support I believe we can make it.

As you can see in our kick-starter video above, one of our biggest projects to date is our 3DR Quad. We also are working on a new fixed wing 3D imaging project. These projects have helped to build student understanding of a variety of topics. We have designed 3D printed frame parts, Laid out PCBs, and Programmed Python scripts. The Open Source properties of our drone is very helpful when it come to educating, because even the most complex system is understandable down to the simplest level. We need funding in order to continue with our work and broaden our influence on students who would otherwise not be exposed to STEM ideas.

We need the support of helpful communities like this one to support education of youth about the fields and hobbies that interest us. I hope that with you help we can further the education of our students. The DIY Drones Community needs more youth members in my opinion. (Let's just make sure they know how to fly first!)

Thanks for the Support!

Tim Vrakas

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  • Thanks for the support! You're right that we are running out of time! Any suggestions on places to promote?

    Also keep in mind that if we don't reach our goal we may fund ourselves the rest of the way. We should have used indegogo from the start to avoid the all or nothing goal. Live and learn I guess.
  • Hey 55,000 DIYDroners! These young people seem to have the right spirit so let's help them out. They are fairly far off from their goal with only 10 days to go. Remember, these may be your future employers so be nice to them. :-) 

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