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  • Actully, I found it much, much! easier to laern how to fly with an APM and using stabilize mode!

    That APM is suprrizingly strong!! If you saw my proto-type nose diving at like 40-50mph?

    My APM survived that!! My GPS, and battery didng.. =[ but still my $300 UAV controller didnt break! =D

  • I like that kind of video, where author show the device functionality live. Very good video, amazing ! I'm currently building an RC airplane with plywood/pine/plastic covering (I will begin to learn how to pilot before making AutoPilot lol).

  • yall are right, I found the DIP switches on the APM later that night! haha
  • I agree with Denham, it's the opposite as it's supposed to be

    I like that the LEDs are shining through the foam

  • I'm a bit baffled by the stabalization looks like your control surfaces are moving in the opposite direction to the way they should to counteract movement? Elevator goes up when plane nose goes up?? same with airelons? Am I missing something..

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