Beeler UAV Part 4


This is a design I made my self on CAD.

This design has taken me about 3 months of drawing, and editing to get this awesome design!

I have a few more edits to make to the design before I will share it, mostly just to make asembly easier, nothing major.

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  • I am getting a little worried about how im gona mount my tail booms...


  • alright thanks? haha
  • Admin


    I was just noting similarities between the two designs. No design infringement implied.



  • Thats a nice looking plane!

    There are a few dif, such as the boom, and tail design, and langing gear.

    Also Im using a high-lift airfoil design, where as that link didnt look like it had any lift in the wing?

    I can Garentee you that my design is tottally 100% mine!

  • Admin


    Your plane looks like a smaller version of the Polish URSUS.

    Check out this thread on RC Groups:



  • Any one have an idea of how I can build an acess hatch for the fusealodge?

    Right now I can only think that when I skin this plane, I will permitnatly skin the underbelly, and just pin the top half in place...?

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