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  • we used a big spectrum analyzer on ground to monitor video noise up ahead, and the EzUHF already has enough information built-in and displayed on our OSD to detect problems. It should be noted that the EzUHF was not affected as bad as video, as it's digital.

    a pretty cool product named "RF Explorer" came out recently that will greatly simplify the task of monitoring RF on the ground.

  • You mean use spectrum analyzers mounted on plane monitored on ground?
    Would you please give more details on that?

  • thank you :)

  • Sebastian, go to there is a link to Vimeo, which doesn't block the whole video because of audio.

  • the vid is blocked here in germany because of it's background music :(

  • Patrice, nope, I'm on 2.4

  • Moderator

    Ohhh I just love when people throw gas into the fire... Kapaw!

    Great work and video Trappy!

  • You use surely 5.8Ghz? for video? what Mw? 600Mw???

  • Wow, now I see :)

  • Kirill, 20 - 30mph gusts around buildings will do that to a 2kg plane :)

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