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  • Crazy Horst is the german answer to all the other brazilian "i land my Plane in my hands" people... ;)

  • The Brazilian guy, Gabriel is FPV, Horst is AV, LOS classic pilot always.

    Horst is flying very safe while Gabriel is crazy, banned from many forums. 

  • The river dive is hilarious!

    I don't know who copied who but there is a guy in Rio that does FPV and has some amazing footage too.

    It's quite old, but check his amazing flights compilation:

  • jajaja es buenisimo!

  • funny.........but nice........

  • I've looked back at this about 5 times now, I'm still laughing out loud to myself! Brilliant video, I now have a proper reason to get a foamy, I'm gonna try full fpv though, attaching the goggles to a welders mask that I can flip up out of the way at the last moment - or not if I need the protection! 

    Not as talented admittedly, flying nose in at that speed that accurately is a true skill, but the goggles could take you round blind corners and through buildings.... right who's got a half reasonable FPV starter plane for sale, and I dont mind a bit of gaffer tape...

  • ...And the FAA's response... "OMG, that UAV just hit a guy!"


    He has some great videos on vimeo.  He's like the Where's Waldo of R/C.

  • It might actually be a lot easier to fly with this kinda setup.  I know a few of the FPV guys I talk to on the forums are using X box controllers with great success.  With a cheap foamy you don't really need to control the throttle beyond "on" to do what he is doing.   

  • Developer

    Yep. Is this one:

    Kinda, vintage look.

    This domain may be for sale!
  • Did you guys take a look at his remote?  One stick.  

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