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    All Canadians (and all our friends south of the border) should support GOOD and EFFECTIVE rules for the correct operation of UAVs in Canada's airspace as long as they are well thought out and framed in a manner that can be enforced effectively. 

    Some of the terms and statements that we see are simply crazy and bear no relation to the "real world" and have no logic. 

    For example I have seen statements that say we cannot fly withing 9km of a dwelling. think about that?

    I can go out in the country and find  place that I want to fly but in the far distance (8-9km away) is a single house. The UAV would need to fly a route within 0.5 of a degree and at a height between 0-10metres to actually hit the house. its an EXTREMELY remote possibility. 

    I also see "keep below 300 feet. Fine , now enforce the crazy full size pilots who come over my house at very low altitude and there is no airport or landing strip within 30 KM of my small rural city.

    If the rules are framed in a bad way people will ignore them. 

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