I had a hard time finding a replacement for my Multiplex Cularis, and thanks to suggestion from many (thanks) I settled for the Diamond 2500 which was out of stock, but replaced by the BFG2600 available from Hobbyking:

Build and pictures here:



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  • Thanks. Yes, it was tough to write. In the case of burning man, the answer is clearly "no" by the way, and I hope they find a way to make this happen instead of banning all RC for everyone instead.

  • Hey great shots but even better FAQ at the end!

    It is a very tough situation to recommend to a fellow RC pilot that their mission / hardware is too dangerous to be flown in a given scenario. Your FAQ section seems to break this down pretty nicely. You can go through all this build / hardware qualification / practice / real flight training but there is always another guy operating who just bought his multi-rotor off the internet with no understanding of the equipment or the risks at all and minimal practice. Do they have the same right to attempt to operate RC equipment? Tough call..

    Buy yeah +1 for that Q&A. 

  • If you look at you'll see it performed very well, even in heavy winds :)

    Marc's Blog: rc - Flights over Burning Man, and the current unfortunate BMorg and FAA policies
  • Nice, I had a Cularis for 3 years. It served me well for FPV, APM and fun soaring missions. I decommissioned it last week to move some of the components to a trunk sized Mini Sky Hunter. Nice build. Let us know how this guy performs for you.

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