Task 2.8 : Biomechanical simulation of Butterfly swimming (Improved version)

The biomechanical mechanism of butterfly swimming technology is very difficult and it is still necessary to continue the research. I could not be satisfied with my first achievement in this year and I rebuilt it over and over again. Therefore it became necessary for several days for this research.

The movement of the shoulder is very characteristic. It boldly spreads her arms, bravely rushes, draws an arc, draws back to the waist again. When I was designing this aggressive arm movement mechanism, adrenaline came out.

Task 2.7 : Biomechanical simulation of Breaststroke swimming

The final mechanism analysis has completed now.
I'm planning to open and share this revolutionary rapid development framework.
As a result of years of analysis to the esoteric mechanism of the animal shoulder, I came now to use the bolt action mechanism of the rifle that was widely used for US military weapons during the Civil War.
Let's make this using our best.


3689726710?profile=originalFrom this year I will begin physical implementation of animal drone with high-level mechanics. We will be able to develop compact and organic tillers and cultivators. It can be produced in Canada and Mexico using precision parts made in the USA. It is feasible. I would use this effort to improve the industry between the USA, Canada and Mexico along with the end of NAFTA. In order to resurrect agriculture in Mexico, Branding is very important. To that end, promote the research and development of Mexican herbal medicines and organic farming methods. If cooperate with herbalists from Switzerland and France, It will be able to do interesting production. We can also get inspiration from Biodynamic farming of Rudolph Steiner and Natural Farming Method of Fukuoka Masanobu.

On the other hand, Now I see the European industry is troubled by the multinational companies. After confusing due to the emissions fraud, now there is a conspiracy to eradicate herbs and insects with herbicides and pesticides. In Europe, herbs have been used for medicine and bees have been used for honey and cosmetics.

Task 8.7 : Biomechanical simulation of jellyfishes

I notice the similarity relationship between jellyfish fins and ideal hand finger movements.

Task 2.5.1 : Biomechanical simulation of hands, the automatisme in orthopedics (final edition)

What are the advantages of these products?

A universal biomechanical linkage mechanism that I propose has no waste and allows rapid revolutionary development to deal with various types of small-scale production. This is very effective in the digitization and horizontal distribution of labor, which is the backbone of next generation manufacturing industry.

It provides infinite applications, it is possible to provide artificial automatic prostheses with high mobility, as well as it can also be used for the neuro-orthopedic rehabilitation method using an augmented reality device, exercise for athletes, animal and insect drones, collective intelligence and swarm intelligence (tactical training of ice hockey), etc.

The artificial animal bodies made up by the universal biomechanical link mechanism are superior in terms of light weight, energy saving and cost. It works with few actuators and generates a powerful inertial force. Therefore, there are various environments that it can use. It is also suitable for use in extreme conditions beyond the limits of activity of natural animals, such as life saving rescues in natural disasters, deep sea exploration, high-radiation environments such as outer space.

An electric motor is a higher torque output unit, but it is difficult to perform as gasoline engines, which maintains the maximum power required for conventional rotating elements such as wheels. As a result, the cruise distance is shortened, and the size of the battery increases.

The universal biomechanical link mechanism can draw the efficiency characteristics of the electric motor. In other words, it is applied to the impulse of the artificial wings and the artificial hind legs while obtaining high torque at low rpm. Using the natural environment as a springboard it can increase stride length and it can also charge the battery with like an automatic winding mechanism of a watch while using the pulse vibration generated by the movement of artificial limbs.

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  • Hi Gary,
    (Sorry, I did not replay soon. I was busy.)

    We can think that the reason for our perfect reflexing experience is because we are ready to response.

    That is, My creative activities are facing the same direction with you. So I response well. Likewise, You can treat your family as yourself.

    In addtion, I do not produce good results for myself only,
    For the people around I can produce good results.

    I often heard that composer Mozart was composed improvised for the audience.
    That's because he's already prepared.

    I recalled one episode of Star Trek.
    Reflection training of a daughter made by Android Data.
    She can not catch the ball yet.

    My current creative activity is also the results reflecting surrounding opinions.

    When I was watching a mechanical android demonstration made around 1774 at the museum, an engineer who was designing a Mars probe at NAS (NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division) contacted me. He was designing a Subaru car before working at NASA.

    I did not know anything about my skill, but he was very surprised. For a while, we acted together. He suggested me to develop a bird machine in the future. Furthermore, he told me to proceed it as a personal project. Thefore I continue it.


    I often make mistakes unconsciously. That mistake makes horrible joke for around people. I think that if the brain is in the developmental stage(like deep learning), "cognitive bug" related to the fears will occur and expression something. With positive thinking, I think that I'm still growing.

    When I was child, I often experienced hypnagogic hallucination. So, I saw a hallucination before going to bed. For example, at one night, I saw there was a mouth on the bodyside of a teapot. It was laughing me mockery. at an another night, a big mouth appeared on a handbag bitten me. Since then, I am afraid of handbags.

    DeepDream which is a computer vision program created by Google engineer show us many creepy images like My hallucination I saw when I was a child.

    If your child has an impression on the ghost story, please support it by all means.
    That imagination will have an effect on the development of neural networks.

    In especially,the art of Swiss has a characteristic to detail the inner fear, therefore I'm based in here. For example, In 1814, Mary Sherry talked strange Science Fiction stories with a fellow group in Geneva. As a result, she made a story of "Frankenstein". The themes are artificial creatures and feminism, and just as it is closely related to the current social problems. Anthropological ethics in Science. I also met H. R. Giger who designed "Alien" creatures. That is related to biotechnology, especially genetic engineering.



  • Hi Yutaca,
    Intriguing points, I think using reflection you really mean reflexive (reflex based) in English.
    I agree with your analogies, basketball in particular makes strong case for minimum data set minimumum computation model.
    I was entering a grocery store a few years ago with my wife just as a kid fell off of his skateboard sending said skateboard hurtling towards my wife's head from about ten feet away, I caught the skate board with one hand with entirely reflexive action, entire process taking well under one second.
    Wife and passers by (and skateboarders) were very impressed (as was I.)
    There is perhaps much practical information to be mined from researching how simple such interactions can be.
    I do not think most insects put much processing power into their visual interactions, yet they are very successfully.

  • Hi Gary,

    I think the perceptual functions in (natural) animals are not high in accuracy as compared with mechanical devices. Instead, animals have automatic correction functions eliminates unnecessary noise and compensates for missing parts.

    I will show an example of the biomechanical mechanism of a bat-typed drone,

    3702411929?profile=originalDemo videos
    « https://youtu.be/uKFLmVboMgY, https://youtu.be/oYIEECRYmdM, https://youtu.be/5p_oaCjPSS4 »

    - Perception of own movement vector
    In the head, nose have ultrasonic generator and receive echo data with ears (Echolocation [1]). Also, attitude control data is acquired with the inner ear gyroscope.

    - Perception of position information of own self and target
    There is a center(the centroid) of the global coordinate system on the chest. There is a main perception device here, and acquires GPS data.

    - Perception of own self's posture
    Behind the two wings there is the center of the local coordinate system that is able to feed back data for attitude control support.

    Also, I will show an example of the biomechanical mechanism of a snake-typed drone,

    3702412018?profile=original- Perception of own movement vector
    There are two visual devices(eyes) in the head, and data is acquired.

    - Perception of position information of own self and target
    There is a center(the centroid) of the global coordinate system to above of the body. There is a main perception device here and acquires GPS data.

    Demo videos
    « https://youtu.be/LXBzuwsEwdk , https://youtu.be/L4FcjRzYSHE »

    Animal bodies through the process of learning, construct the cognitive structure on the relationship between the target and the way to reach it. Thanks to this cognitive structure or cognitive map, we can grasp the position and condition of target and body, even if the perception accuracy of the body is low.

    Our formula of the voluntary movements of animal bodies might related to the animal's Echolocation, perhaps.
    For example, it might be able to communicate with whales.
    Hopefully we will be able to prevent whale mass stranding.

    « https://youtu.be/38E8JKCXHag »


    When the body moves reflectively in an unconscious state, we can get accurate perception.

    For example, while practicing sports basketball, throw the ball with aim at the basket. However, despite throwing many times, despite looking the basket, the ball does not enter the basket and fly in a different direction.

    However, when I received a ball from a teammate during a match and then throw it immediately, the ball entered the basket, even though I was not watching the basket accurately.

    I also experienced similar things in throwing darts and hitting a baseball.

    When I learned Wing Chun which is a Chinese Martial arts, there was often reflection movement training. It was strange as the body moves regardless of my will.

    A physiologist Benjamin Libet demonstrated through an experiment in 1985 that our behavior is unconsciously decided by the brain as well as, the free-will will be able to stop its operation immediately after the start of behavior.


    My recentry news :

    Last year, I received an invitation from the NYC watchmaker's laboratory to develop artistic mechanical watches.

    In addition, I received a consultation from the Yverdon-les-Bain's laboratories on the diplomatic work of animal drone development using new tender materials.

    Also, I'm planning to inherit my skills to the young people of Switzerland.

    I will integrate these production projects and will provide animal drone parts. I will promote the flexibility manufacturing system to deal with various types of production of small amount.

    I wish you well too.

  • Hi Gary,
    I'm now reading your detailed reply.
    These are interesting and valuable informations. Thank you.
    I can understand and analyze well.
    Please wait a moment.
    I will explain and sharing you more detail about my work.
    I wish you well too.

  • Hi Yutaca,
    Good to see you still pursuing and progressing in biomechanical simulation and excellent simulations I might add.
    I am finally starting to work on my real time dynamic 3D vision / Navigation concept which takes a minimalist approach to vision acquiring as few data points as possible from real time directed laser rangefinder to provide, navigational and object avoidance navigation as well as eventually object acquisition.
    It differs from traditional in that it acquires very sparse 3D point data set then re orients and re-scans smaller point of interest segments only according to initial scan data.
    This is the inverse of traditional technique which consists of intense scan sample of entire target environment then determination of information by massive data reduction with continuous rinse and repeat.
    In fact although this traditional approach seems inspired by how biological creatures "see" I believe in reality my method is probably more biologically correct.
    When "we" look at a area our brain immediately filters out unnecessary data not pertinant to our purpose and allows us to entirely focus on relevant data only.
    If we are walking from one room to another our attention is almost entirely focused on the path we are traveling and only relevant obstacles impinge even remotely on our consciousness.
    In fact many obstacles we will avoid without even consciously thinking about them.
    In fact our vision system is very highly refined real time dynamic mechanism.
    I tell you all this because I feel you are one of relatively few people who might understand the significance of what I am saying.
    I wish you well Yutaca.

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