Bixler 2 APM alternate mounting.

3689519147?profile=original3689519187?profile=original3689519043?profile=originalAfter having a look at the below upside down mounting of an APM2.5, I thought I would share my APM mounting as an alternative. I created my own Bixler 2 canopy with some plastic board I bought at the local Bunnings warehouse for a couple of dollars. I ripped off the original plastic and stuck it on, as well as installing some hobbyking rare earth magnets for a decent mount. It seems to work really well, and keeps everything well contained. I was able to fit a minimosd in below the GPS, and the wires at the back feed to the FPV camera and the 3DR radio.

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    I've got the same tv remote as you! lol, thanks for the pix, I just ordered the bixler 2 for my APM, glad to see its possible to cram all that stuff up front. 

  • I would post more pics, but its at my beach house. It is a D8R-II plus, but I also have an XP on the way, so I dont need to flash anything. Im a bit tentitive about using CPPM as I run a 9X remote and had to mix a whole bunch of channels to allow me to select 6 modes with a combination of 3 position switch and gear switch. From my understanding, you lose channels 7 and 8 if you use CPPM mode, correct me if Im wrong? 

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    Be careful with your magnets so close to the APM. In the other blog posting, one guy mentioned getting interference from some magnets he had on his rover and they were 10 cm away so you'll likely get bad compass readings if they are very close.

  • If that's a FrSky D8R-II plus, you can load the new D8R-XP firmware with the CPPM fix and run a single servo jumper from Rx to APM using CPPM.  It will clean up your wiring a little. Channels 5-8 will be simultaneously available through PWM output if you need.

  • Please show us more pictures! No matter how much i try I can not fix all of my hardware into my Bix2.

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