Bixler mod.

3689474438?profile=original3689474517?profile=originalI found it necessary to stretch the Bixler fuselage 2" in order to accommodate the wire bundle that comes out of the APM 1 while using the electronics tray.

it was not possible to connect the battery with the tray installed prior to the mod, now I can install up to a 5000Mah battery, set the tray in position and then connect the BEC and battery leads.

A 2" U-shaped foam plug made out of 1/4" blue skinned depron on the outside and 1/4" EPP on the inside was used. A foam hatch covers the gap behind the tray.

Flight test showed a small change in CG that was corrected by placing the battery slightly farther aft in the fuselage.

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  • I might have to take a serious look at the Bixler II. I see it has aileron hinges from the factory. but you are still stuck with the problem of not having any room up front if using the tray. So if I need to to cut the nose off a new one I could just as well build a new nose for this one...

    Your right not the airframe of choice and I also have a scratch build wing on the bench I need to finish, there are tough as nails!

  • I laminated my entire wing and also 3m storage taped the control surfaces. It carries APM1.4, GPS, mag, 600mW ImmersionRC 5.8GHz vTx, camera from readymaderc that I can't remember the number and xbee. I use 3300mAh 4S and get 20 minutes. Enough for me to go to the top of a 1km mountain 1.5km back and fly back in 15 minutes with 5 to spare and that is coming down slowly using RTL. I need to increase the amount of down pitch the autopilot allows because the bixler can handle more of a dive. I'm using the crap motor that came with it but with a better prop. I also had to change out the rudder servo after it failed and the aileron servos I didn't even trust so replaced them from the start. I land in a mountain area that has NO flat ground to land on so I'm getting good at stopping it on a dime (more or less) :) It's not my choice plane. I have a zephyr 2 and a dead skywalker that I prefer but when the skywalker died, it was a quick replacement and it's served well. Ascratch build will be replacing it soon as it's starting to show it's age.

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    The Bixler is not built strong enough to carry any kind of weight or expensive gear. Too many critical mods are needed to make it suitable IMO.

  • It still has the stock motor with a 6*4 prop. Under powered but gets the job done as I am looking more for range.
    Vtx is the 200mw 5.8 from range and sits on top of the vertical stab. Ibcrazy clover on the tx and a CP on the rx gives me good clear video.
  • Nice mod. What are your motor and prop specs? Where did you put your VtX?

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    I also use a windscreen over the "open cockpit" tray, it seems to make a difference in reducing drag.

    Thanks to Mccafe!

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