Bixler with ArduPilot flying Waypoints

Just an update on my previous Blog Post.  I have tested Loiter, RTL and Waypoint navigation on my Bixler Plane. 

So far I am happy with the results.  There was a bit of wind on this specific day.  I also tested waypoints at 100m Altitude which I was looking forward to seeing the end result myself.........but my camera battery went flat.......... 


Chris you are welcome to link some of these videos to the Arduplane site.....


Pictures of my plane with GoPro Camera.3689435294?profile=original


Video's of Waypoint flights


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  • from what i hear, the cloverleaf antennae are some of the best for close range 5.8ghz flying, has them, there's a big post on DIY version on RCGroups too (readymaderc sells them for the guy who made the design and posts it on rcg...)  about $60 or so for a pair so not cheap, but maybe worth it, i haven't gotten them yet but i certainly want to.

    Also to top that off, use one of those for plane, and a patch antenna for ground.  Many guys use antenna diversity systems (a board that sits in-between receiver and antenna, with room for 2 antennae, picks the best signal), with a cloverleaf and a patch antenna, which ever gives best reception for the time/location.
    Hell i even saw one guy running 2 patch antennae and 1 cloverleaf, giving 270degree coverage horizontally with the dual patch antennae (though only like 90 degree coverage vertically), with the cloverleaf covering anything directly overhead or in-between the gaps 

  • I also have done about 15 min on a 2200mA battery.  I have also flown with a 4400mA battery but did not test how long it will last in the air.  Hopefully 30min or more...........  I have also done some FPV lately and I found it very exciting.  I am wandering if a Vshape antenna on my 5.8Ghz Tx (Video and audio signal) will give me better reception on the Ground Station?

  • With a 2200mAh battery and a moderate payload the bixler/sky surfer can get roughly 20 minute flight times.  I've not taken mine to the max but have done 15 min flight times with about 10.2 volts left

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    Cool stuff, are you running a 2200mAH battery?  How much endurance do you get?



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