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BlimpDuino debugging tips

Just a quick note for those building BlimpDuino boards from scratch and running into issues: First, the instruction on how to load the bootloader, etc, are here. If you're still having trouble and suspect a bad solder or dead component, here are Jordi's debugging tips: 1-Check if you have power... if you don't get 5 volts in the whole bus, maybe you have a defective component, make sure you have soldered the C4 100uf capacitor well, if not, maybe you burned the atmega.. Also change the power regulator 7805... 2-If you have power, maybe is a bad solder atmega and is moving around making false contact, try to re-solder the pins. 3-In case all the pins are well soldered, and you have power in all the power inputs of the atmega, maybe is a defective atmega168.. Could happen if you discharge static electricity, or from factory.... 4-Now if the power regulator is not working, and you want to know if the atmega is burned, try to connect a 5 volts battery (like the red ones included in the futaba receiver) into the servos inputs, be very careful with the polarity, the ground is located on the outside of the board... then see if the atmega is working.... (try with the FTDI or ISCP and upload something or read the fuses)...
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