Borjet MAJA CAD Model

I've spent a few months watching DIY Drones and trying to absorb as much information as possible. It's a fantastic grass roots resource which invites one to participate in both the craft of sUAV building as well as the website.While planning out a future project, I generated a CAD model of the Borjet Maja airframe. The measurements may not be exact all over as not many details or schematics are available, however I know that the important bit - the cargo space - is exact.Anyway, I thought I'd post it here just in case it is of use to anyone else considering using the Maja as their platform. Feel free to bend/break/improve the work. If anyone wants alternative formats, just give me a shout and I'll try to sort it. (Click images to download).Cheers all,Rich.
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  • hey, can you send the images to my email ?

    because i can''t download the images from slingfile. thank you

  • hey, can you send the images to my email : ?

    because i can''t download the images from slingfile. thankyou

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    I have a Maja and it is definitely not for beginners. A lot of work must go into the baseline configuration before it can be considered flyable! I would definitley not buy a preassembled Maja from Borjet given their construction techniques.

    Blue Collar on RCGroups has successfully flown his Maja and so has another member of the DIY Drones Forum.

    Again, I repeat that the Maja is not a ARF model and takes a lot of skilled work to make it fly safely!!

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    Copying something that does not work either
  • I thought the idea of Open Source was to be more creative and develop ideas in an open environment not blatantly copy other peoples commercial work...
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    Hi sentinel,
    The download link does not work. 410 gone msg on webpage comes up once download( 6 sec) link comes up.
    Any reason it has been removed.
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    Noo, it is WHCD-16X (Whatever Hand Can Draw).
  • Ooops. It's in a4 format, landscape. Print in 100%, do not resize.
  • I think that airfoil is a simply a Clark Y. Tell me if not.

    clarky.SLDDRWSolidworks drawing
  • Check out the discussion on RCgroups. My nick there's hoepfel.
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