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3689658824?profile=originalFrom Bormatec, the Ninox, a great improvement to their original Q folding drone. With a wider nose, it has room for a Pixhawk and GoPro, and the overall construction is more robust. 

The NINOX from BORMATEC  is an action-camera electro-flyer, which can fold into a backpack. It was specially developed for action-cameras like the GoPro Hero and similar.

The NINOX has a wingspan of 100 cm with a weight of approximately 500 gr. The winglets can be turned down, so the NINOX has without problems in a backpack space and nothing can be damaged. The folding technique requires no tools and takes only a few handles. 
The voluminous fuselage accommodate action-camera, RC, autopilot & Telemetry !
The flight characteristics of Ninox are classified as absolutely simple. He can be flown slowly but quite speedy. 
For the NINOX, we use only high-quality materials such EPP and Coroplast, what makes these pocket-fly extremely resistant


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    The LegitWing is another EPP wing that is roughly the same size. I have yet to maiden mine but hope to soon. That is quite the durable platform from the videos I have seen. It's difficult to get all the AP gear on it but I finally fit an APM 2.6 with GPS, MinimOSD, vTx, and LRS on there along with a Mobius. Seems to balance well but the maiden will really let me know how well I did on the build.

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    EPP is a fantastic material, but if too much design happens its very heavy with reinforcing that must happen to reduce flex. This works well at sea level but at altitude not so much.

    A simple EPP wing is cool especially if you select an aerofoil different to the MH's others use. Several of the HK etc wings use horrible aerofoils that will if you don't think about the flight regime put an autopilot into a coffin corner. 

    The Maja was a short coupled legacy airframe that needed to be operated on a European near sea level winters day.

    Other than the GPS position, using a GoPro for vertical grown up imaging......

  • Admin

    I had an early Bormatec Maja that left a lot to be desired as an R/C aircraft.

    I had to stiffen the fuse with carbon fiber rods to keep it from flexing excessively and it was very heavy for a model of its size.

    I wound up giving the Maja to my flying club here in Florida.



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    I posted this on sUAS News as well and not one person has spotted that when you fold the flap back the GPS is upside down and pressed against the GoPro.

  • Molded EPP tends to be more expensive than EPO. But it's much more durable and crash resistant. After going through several EPO airframes I now am a true believer in EPP. The only other wings I know of in EPP are those from CrashTestHobby and the new Drak from Ritewing.

  • Still very expensive for a piece of foam.

  • does they share parameters for their wing for the pixhawck?

  • Developer

    looks nice!

  • "high-quality materials such EPP and Coroplast"

    coroplast is high quality? ;)

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