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  • Here's a link to more on Freeman:

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  • Any more updates on the readiness and availability of the VTOL variant of the Believer (the Freedom?)?

    I saw it listed on the MakeFlyEasy web site, but I was unable to make a kit selection and place an order from there...

  • Hi, any update on the VTOL? Is it commercially available yet?

    Getting ready to maiden my first Believer:)believer2.png

  • Hi, it's cool job. I wanna ask you guys did you release a "how to do video"? or will you?

  • Hi guys! There is any news?
  • I was wondering if the stock power connectors that come with the Believer kit can handle the high current draw during hover? As far as I know, they have a max continuous current rating of 30A. 

  • Hi. I also bought Believer. Vertical take-off, this is very good. Ready to buy it as soon as it's ready. When it's possible to hope for it? At least about. Thanks.

  • Pretty interesting setup combining the efficiency of the believer platform with VTOL capabilities. Amazing !  Do you have any news about the flight test, e.g. flight performance, duration, behavior in wind, etc.?

  • Do you record the maximum ampere draw by the motor?
    and do you think Li-ion battery can provide those Amp power required by all motors? 

  • 100KM

    Great. To do the modification, I think we need the wings extension, folding arm and maybe those motor mount. Can you provide those components? By the way, I speak and read Chinese : ) 

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