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  • Hi Shafiq Dennis , unfortunately I have no more photographic records of this project.

  • hi jim, very nice setup bungee launch. sorry for your lost/crash x8.

    Can you post some photos of the hooking mechanism where you attached the bungee to the x8.

    Very much appreciated. Thx for the post so far, very educational.

  • Very nice idea for the launch handles. Can you share your param file?

  • the triangle-shaped bars are fixed, the point of support for the bungge, the box is rectangular.

  • I had tried mine by bungee hook at CG but it resulted crash so i have just changed it on a rectangular box underneath X8. Is it the right place
  • Are these triangle rods remain fixed with the plane or its left in your hands after the launch
  • viky, x2 4cell lipo 5000 mah , and motor 780 kv, prop APC 12x6.  



  • wow thats great,i am impressed a lot from your launching mechanism . I have broken many propellers in bungee launch of my X8, in my case i have fixed one side of bungee on ground and other side on X8, i pull the X8 from backside of wing as you are doing .But I have just noticed in video you are using some straps to pull the X8 . Can you please share what kind of straps and how you have installed these on X8. I am just getting 45 mins endurance with 10Ah 3S and all up weight of 4 kg. Are you using 4S and which motor you are using for this setup.
    Thanks jim.
  • Viky, 10,000 mah, can fly about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

  • With this weight , have you ever checked the endurance of your X8. What LIPOS you are using to power ur bird.
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