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  • With this weight , have you ever checked the endurance of your X8. What LIPOS you are using to power ur bird.
  • Very Nice ! I like the tie back on the tripod. Having the tripod probably shortens the bungeee 50 to 75 feet.

    @Nat W with a bungee the learning curve is usually trial and error and quick . the wings must be level  or it will go 

    veering off to one side  maby cart wheel . Nose down bite the dust , and it should be set up for a clean release if it doesn.t release it will be a spectacular launch to altitude only to come up tight on the bungee and come right back down. with a bit of practice a bungee offers a efficient economical launch to altitude over rough terain

  • Very interesting, i just couldn't help but think what would of happened if the bungee made it crash into the ground.

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