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  • hello Adnan... i'v got problem with my order from you and your email fonction doesnt work

    on your website ? please contact me . Please dont be shy to

    post your email address here... i can only lead to more orders !

  • Moderator
    I send by the support mail system!
  • Hi Hooks

    Where did you sent e-mail? I checked my all account. There is no e-mail from you.
  • Moderator
    Well you keep going with finding them Hooks and we will get them from you!
  • Moderator
    @Adnan Ülker
    Why don't you answer your mail.
    It's not serious to sell products without any support, I'm not the only one with this problem!
  • next stage in landing sequence will be giftwrapped ;-)
  • Admin
    Oh man , is that a landing ?!! or packing included in landing sequence?!!!! all the parts that are dismantled for packing came off at touchdown including the nose too :(
  • Hi everyone.

    My name is Adnan Ulker. I am owner of
    Our website is under construction until tomorrow. A member of RC Groups, found our website.Therefore it seems some problems in I am sorry for this stuation. is starting to accept orders and to ship on monday morning. 1680 mm FPV airplanes is ready for shipping now.

    Best regards from Istanbul.
    FPVhobby team
  • You can imagine how long the Gyros and Accels last after a few of those "Landings" :)
  • Remember the real raven uses an energy disbursement method at landing

    Is that a fancy military word for crashing? :)
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