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Looking for CAD models of 3DR's products? Me too... No matter how hard I searched I coudn't find any accurate and good looking models for my CAD projects. So I have decided to model my order package for everyone's use. Here are some 3D CAD modellings of 3D Robotic's products. You can use them in your projects for easy modelling.

To download the models;

APM 2.5 & APM 2.6 Side Entry Case

GPS Ext. Compass Module

Radio Telemetry Kit

2.4 GHz Antenna

(if requested I can draw the top entry case too.)

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  • Thank you so much for your hardwork . It saved me so much time. Have you thought of building APM Power Module w/wout XT60 connectors ? I saw one in the DIY website, but it is in .skp or .kmz format. I use Solidworks, so they are not compatible. 

  • I would love to work with something a bit more powerful like SolidWorks... but the budget just isn't there... so I make do with Sketchup.  Arthur - I actually downloaded your model of the earlier APM, from which I adapted some components (including the resistors, caps and the big Atmel Chip) to populate my own model of the APM 2.5 board.  I guess I should not be surprised running into you here. Thank you for your help!! Shoot me a PM should you wish to obtain a copy of my model.

    I use eagle files to create my models in sketchup also, which is simple and straight forward.  I do however upload board designs to first in order to obtain the png image files generated by it's ordering system - as I prefer the quality of the image oshpark provide.





  • Mine are much less awesome, but here's a PX4 + PX4IO stack that I modeled a while back in Solidworks:

  • great work... thx for your effort... as an 3d artist i can well appreciate that...

    Kudos arkadasim...

  • @Arthur Thanks alot :)

  • Developer


    Now I can admire even more the effort you put into doing these drawings, well done.

  • @Arthur The models are measured from real devices and drawn from scratch. As I know 3D Robotics did not distrbute their case drawings or measurements.

  • Developer

    @Kim Skatun

    At my models I used Sketchup with EagleUp, to generate the PCBs models from the eagle schematics.


    Cool models of the cases. Did you used some kind of scrip to import something from the schematics (like for the telemetry board), or just pure measurements from real devices?

  • thanks Enes. ... Great work.

  • Hi Kim, unfortunately i don't have them without the cases. I used SolidWorks to draw these models.

    Thanks for your comment :)

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