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Hello Diy Drones Universe,

This is Joshua Johnson here to discuss CAD Drones, LLC's long term project that will be the heart and soul of our Drone company that began a little over 5 months ago!  Right away we saw the potential in Cloud Computing related to the storage and Open Source collaboration of CAD Files and Autopilot Code related to Drones.  The future of Drones rests on the shoulders of 3D Printing and CAD Software.  We are working behind the scenes with many different companies mentioned in the video above to create a tool and resource out of that will be an amazing resource for everybody in every level of expertise in the drone market/industry!  We truly believe that before startup companies move their Drone Products onto highly successful platforms such as Kickstarter, CAD Drones will be the place that most of these companies will get their product Open Sourced Developed, find members for Dev Team's, and much much more!

Over the next 24 Hours things on will be changing and be reorganized for the next phase of our development.  We want everyone who wants to be a part of the CAD Drones Maker Movement to download the free hobbyist/enthusiest "Autodesk Fusion 360" Software and you will understand instantly why we chose that moving forward if you familiar with HTML.  If you are not during the update into phase 2 of our development we will be creating instructions on how "Fusion 360" will be used for Open Source collaborations on!  When you are sharing your projects on CAD Drones we encourage everyone to add "Donation Buttons" from websites services like paypal so other CAD Drones members can donate to your Startup Drone Project if they enjoy your work and want to see you work your way up to building your own startup Drone Company.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about CAD Drones, LLC, our website, or even how we plan on building a tool/resource that will be one-of-a-kind in the Drone Industry!

Take it Easy,

Joshua Johnson

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Comment by healthyfatboy on July 31, 2014 at 4:35am

Isn't the use of Fusion 360 dependent on being non-commercial and non-profit, which donations would go against? Maybe I understand the rules of all these free CAD programs (SketchUp Make, Fusion 360, and eduational version) all wrong but you can't make any money off what you do in it.

Comment by Joshua Johnson on July 31, 2014 at 8:29am

Hey HFB are you referring to my statement that we recommend people use Donation Buttons for their projects on our site?

Comment by Johann van de Venter on July 31, 2014 at 1:15pm

@ HealthyFatboy ... Having a donation system does not mean something cannot be non-commercial or non profit.

We are have been running non-commercial and non-profit community projects in SA for a long time with great success.... if people are not allowed to donate towards something .. how else are these groups supposed to get of the ground and be successful.... 

Joshua ... great job ... I wish you all the best n your venture... I have been using CAD for over 15 years now and this a project very close to my heart ... If I had more time, I'll join in a heartbeat ... Let see what happens during the next couple of months on my side  and maybe you guys will see me some time in the next couple of months.

All the best ... keep it up ...great initiative !!! 

Kind regards 

Comment by healthyfatboy on July 31, 2014 at 6:08pm

No, not necessarily the donation buttons, but in general, you're starting up a company and with that company, there has to be some money made to support whatever is being done. If you're using Fusion 360, you'll be on the gray side of things so it's just a be careful type issue.

I have actually been working with Fusion 360 a little this past week to try to learn it and for what it is, I think it's great and powerful so it's good to see people using it for CAD and applications to UAVs. I suppose if it's all open source and no one makes anything off it, then it would be fine for that purpose.

Comment by Joshua Johnson on July 31, 2014 at 9:30pm
Hello HFB,
CAD Drones, LLC won't make any profits off of anything from Fusion 360. We plan on making profits off of services and products. We are hoping to air our kickstarter ASAP but have postponed our campaign so we can work out last minute glitches and issues before we go LIVE. We're working on our own Cloud software behind the scenes that will someday make us profits but when that time comes we will either partner up with Autodesk and use both their software and ours on or transition the cloud onto our cloud software.
Comment by Joshua Johnson on July 31, 2014 at 9:41pm
Thank you so much for the kind wishes and praises! ! I'm just finishing up my degree in CAD Engineering and plan on returning to UND to finish up my bachelor's in Unmanned Aerial Systems Operations. CAD and Drones/RC have been a huge hobby of mine growing up. I'm just extremely excited I've been able to take my passion in life and turn it into a business, a job, and illuminate others minds on the way drones can and should be used. I really hope when you have some time you will join the Team! I have a nice small list of business mentors from many successful companies that have been amazingly supportive with advice, ideas, and much much more. I'm able to take ideas and projects to them and ask them for opinions, suggestions, and criticism. If you would like to stay in communication and give me advice as you have time please email me at:


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