3689595398?profile=originalHello Diy Drones Universe,

This is Joshua Johnson CEO and Founder of CAD Drones, LLC and CADDrones.com "The Open Source website for CAD and Drones".  We are 19-21 days away from having our Drone Product go LIVE on Kickstarter.com!  Right now CADDrones.com is moving along but without the help and ideas of volunteers in the Drone Industry we don't know which direction we should go moving forward.  Being a volunteer for CAD Drones, LLC and CADDrones.com will give you the opportunity and expirience in shaping our website into what you feel is best for the International Drone Community.  Our website's focus is on CAD, 3D Printing, and Drones and meshing them together under one roof.  We are trying to build an Open Source environment that will benefit the Drone Industry for decades to come!  Once our Kickstarter Campaign is underway we are going full steam ahead with the consulting side of our Drone Tech Company and turning volunteer positions into paid positions.  We are looking for volunteers with various expertise and strengths that believe they have what it takes to help build a Drone Product, Company, and website into a success!  We can't unveil our product to the volunteers or public until we get closer to the Kickstarter Campaign Launch.   Volunteers who we feel share our same passion to advance our website CADDrones.com and also to build a reliable resource for the Drone Industry will more than likely see their volunteer positions transition into paid positions after the launch of our Product on Kickstarter!

What Volunteer Positions We Need Filled:

  • 1 Graphic Designer ( Someone who is willing to help us turn CADDrones.com into a visually appealing website and someone who is interested in using their Graphic Design talents to create information graphic pieces that can be used to educate our website members about various topics )
  • 1 Wikipedia Administrator ( Someone who is good with organizing and structuring research and factual pieces/information from multiple sources under one depository in an organized, useful, and educational manner ) 
  • 1 Lead Moderator ( Someone to build, manage, and organize a small team of volunteer moderators )
  • 3 Moderators ( 3 Moderators besides the Lead Moderator who are willing to work as a team to decide on category names and organize and come up with a structured plan for the Forums, Blogs, Photos, and News Page so its a useful tool for our members )
  • 5 Website Developers ( 5 Web Dev's willing to use their Programming skills to create HTML and code based features for CADDrones.com that will assist and educate the commercial and/or hobby Drone Community )
  • 5 Business Advisors ( 5 people are willing to mentor me by sharing advice and ideas with me to help CAD Drones, LLC grow and prosper )
  • 5 CAD/3D Printing Specialists ( 5 people with skills in CAD and/or 3D Printing who are willing to donate their time by creating blogs, forum posts, and assist our members who are using CAD and 3D Printing to help assist in their drone projects. You will be also be in charge of build up our CAD File Database with useful files for our community )

 (**If you would like to volunteer for a position you feel is needed on CADDrones.com but is not listed below please email me your position idea and how you would fit the role**)

If helping the CAD Drones Community and joining an up and coming Drone Start-up Company as a volunteer and possible future employee is something that interests you please feel free to email a "creative resume" to me at: JoshuaAllenJohnson@Gmail.com or post it on our Volunteer Blog Post.

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  • Oops...

    Disregard everything except my apology..

    (I'll see myself out...)

  • Err... yes...!

  • ... am I reading a modified title after the fact?

  • I am confused at the lambasting directed toward Joshua. The title reads: "CAD Drones, LLC is searching for 20+ Volunteers!" - Most of the argument here is not germane to the title. In my opinion I believe this manner of bullying to be despicable.

  • @Bill Bonney,

    Thanks for all your advice and criticism! :) I truly do mean it.  Since you have open up my eyes to differences in volunteers and Interns I have received far more requests from people wanting to volunteer then when I was asking for interns.  I'm glad you helped me make my campaign more clear to the people I am trying to reach.

    Thanks for the Good luck I'll need it. 

  • Developer

    > While I agree with everything you say their is one huge difference you forgot to mention.

    I didn't miss that point. The whole reason for bringing this up was its fairly obvious as a startup you don't have the resources to pay people. As a young person yourself, even 'bootstraping' your business is challenging as you probably don't have the resources to do so. I just wanted that to be clear. i.e. volunteers vs "intern and a prospect of a job."  are two different things.

    Good luck with your venture.

  • @Bill Bonney,

    What you get is Interns that have wealthy parents or trust funds. It means that you are not hiring the best candidates, just ones that have financial backing to be able to work for free.

    >One could make the argument that yes you might get more offers from Interns who have wealthy parents or trust funds you would still find Interns who genuinely want to be an Intern for your company because they like your companies plans.  

    This is the same in my case, all 'work experience' roles I did as young student where paid. It wasn't an issue, it was how to cover your costs as a student. Employers offered good rates to attract the best talent.

    >While I fully agree that large companies offer good rates to attract the best talent.  I don't believe its right to legally hold down small/startups from utilizing unpaid internships.  Every company is different and I don't believe you can make a law that applies to all companies.  A more sensible approach would be not to allow any company who brings in over 100K a quarter to utilize unpaid internships.  Which would stop the large companies from creating slave labor with unpaid internship and at the same time not limiting the small/startups abilities to grow. 

  • @Mustafa,

    Hahahaha I was thinking the same thing.  If Northrop or Lockheed ever asked me to be Intern for free I'd hop on the next flight that direction! :)

  • @Bill Patterson,

    I actually agree totally with a lot of what your saying.  I'm definitely guilty of ignorantly miss using the word "Intern" when I in essence am looking for people to volunteer.  While I agree with everything you say their is one huge difference you forgot to mention.  Northrop Grumman and CAD Drones are two very different companies.  While Northrop is one of the largest established drone companies with a very high revenue and high R & D budgets, CAD Drones is just a recently formed company that has yet to officially release its first product.  While I applaud NGC for paying interns... They can definitely afford to do so more then others. 

  • @Thomas Robinson,

    I personally do not feel like deleting my blog just because a select handful of people are flaming the blog.  I've received a lot emails with people interested in volunteering so as of this point I am still seeing results from this blog and it wouldn't make much sense for me to remove because of peoples comments.

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