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Here at our CAD Drones Community we've uploaded our very basic 3D Printable "CAD Quad v1.0" Multirotor Design Project and zip folder downloads. We have downloads of Solidworks 2015 Student Edition Parts, Assembly, and Drawing File that have been converted to .stl and .step files for you CAD users who don't have or use Solidworks. If your looking for the Solidworks Student Edition files for this educational project follow the links below. We want you to use our v1.0 design files to help us fix, change, make use as a teaching tool, and edit your own versions to share.

Videos, LIVE Youtube Sessions, PDFs, Drawing Files, Screenshots, Documentation, Tips, and much more coming soon!

[ Follow this link for the STL & STEP files for this project: http://caddrones.com/downloads.htm?a=&act=view&id=19E7CD2E-0416-47F1-8DD8-A3377EECF7C8 ]

[ Follow this link for the Solidworks Student Edition files for this project: http://caddrones.com/downloads.htm?a=&act=view&id=FDDB908B-B169-49CC-B4DD-55B8EE897653 ]

Have a great Thursday,

Joshua Allen Johnson

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