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  • There was a report of a copter going down the cliff in Big Sur a week or so ago. The Sheriff dept. SAR had to recover it as it was in some pretty treacherous terrain. Glad to hear it wasn't you.

    Great looking video!

  • thanks guys!!

    Brian, no, no copter crashes on this trip :)

  • I still can't decide what I like better of your videos, the flying or the editing skills. Amazing work as usual!
  • Distributor

    I think this is my favorite one so far! Love the waves and water effects. 

    Cant wait for the last 4 ones! 

  • Trappy, you didn't happen to have a copter go down in Big Sur?

  • One of the best from you.

    I need to learn how to do such slow mo (have Hero2 and Windows - tried some programs and failed, still lots to learn).

  • that obvious? :)

  • The grand finale?  My guess based on past efforts: The Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Nice video scenes, awesome slowmotion, great HD quality  :)

  • Ah, now I understand. You seems to be preparing an amazing surprise for us :)

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