Camera Control and OSD for UAV Projects

Hello guys!
Here goes a video showing the Camera Control working:

I'm using Canon SDK definitions (PS-ReCSDK 1.1.0e) and PTP protocol though Arduino USB Host Shield.
Thank you Oleg Mazurov, for helping me to understand the PTP dump through your awesome shield and pointing me the way to go. ;)

The project includes integration with RC/APM and OSD (for telemetry and Camera feedback by using Max7456).

By now we have simple serial commands to:

  • Capture mode control (lenses show/hide);
  • Continuous session - only limited from battery (without shutdown by time or so);
  • Focus Lock/Unlock;
  • Focus mode (center point, average);
  • Zooming control;
  • Shooting;
  • ViewFinder output through the ntsc video output <--- I was fighting with it... but now it's 100% OK (Next step:

  • Total abortion (close session on camera hardware and shutdown).

Sandro Benigno.
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  • Developer
    @Dan: We can use it with other Canons Power Shoot based on SDK "PS-ReCSDK 1.1.0e".
    Of course I don't tested all them. The SDK lists: A620, S80, S3 IS, G7, A640, S5 IS, G9, SX100 IS, G10, SX110 IS. Oleg have a nice library to EOS cams. So, is possible to adapt and try it too.

    For other brands is possible to adapt the code to control the camera if it supports basic PTP commands. You can try it using GPhoto2 at Linux or just check their list so you will discover if your cam is blessed or not with that nice "magic" resource.

    To get all we need, I recommend the Canon's Power Shoot series, because it have A/V output separated from USB port and is capable to send video signal when in PTP remote controlling mode.

    I'm planing to turn it public. The project uses Oleg's USB host shield libraries and PTP. So, I'm consulting him about how to proceed to make things elegantly right. ;) The RC commands and OSD will be posted on a branch of ArduCopter's repository soon.

    Thank you by your comment!
    gPhoto - Doc :: Remote controlling cameras
  • Nice one Sandro .
    Is it possible to use this with other cameras ( if yes , what are the requirements for that camera, usb connection etc ) ?.
    Can you give us the code ? :) And let us play with it to ?
  • Developer
    Hey Randy!
    The nice on ArduCopter Heli or the future Hexa is that you can use one of those 10~12X Zoom cameras easily.
    We can send commands through XBee from GroudStation or even add RC control for using when in GPS lock mode. I will buy a small Canon Power Shot soon for mounting it on ArduCopter Quad. And will use this small USB host on Arduino Mino Pro 3v3:

  • Developer
    Looking good. So someday we can look forward to seeing that on a copter of some sort, giving someone on the ground, the abiity to focus, take snaps, etc. very nice.
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