Can farmers benefit from agricultural drone services?

Sustained high agricultural production is an important factor for social stability and development. Are drones worth investing in agricultural production? Let’s take a look at the research from india.
The team found manual spraying used more insecticides and water than drone-enabled spraying. Farmers used one liter of insecticide mixed with 160 liters of water for an acre of jasmine fields. Meanwhile, drone spray reduced the consumption to 750 ml of insecticide with 40 liters of water. Roughly, Drones can reduce chemical use by 10-30%, spraying an acre field in just 15 minutes. Combining farm chemical, water and labor costs, drone spraying can save $8-10 per hectare.

As an important equipment for agricultural production upgrading, intelligent agricultural drones will become more and more cost-effective, flying in the fields to increase farmers' production and income, and protect global food security.

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