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    Here is a full size picture:

  • Developer
    Ok is close, Tim and Isobot are the winners!!

    That was so fast (and boring), i will have to give an extra one using another method where anybody have the same chance....

    Thanks for participating!
  • It means that some one has cloned the IMU and even stolen the cool blue color!!!
  • It's a flat ArduIMU. Nicely done.
  • Developer
    Ok i'm just getting fun. =P Everybody can participate! Come hurry up people! Still a chance to win!
  • Developer
    Some other conditions:
    -People with the names that starts with the letter "C"and ends with "S" or "R" can't participate.
    -The birthday day of the winner must be odd and between 9 to 22.
    -The shipping zip code must end with 7 and must not include letters.
    -Country's that speak languages coming from Latin can't participate.
    -If you have DSL or ADSL you can't participate.
    -If you computer has USB port you can't participate.

    Thanks.. ;-)
  • cool! new all-in-one ardupilot board with flat-laying 6dof sensors...
  • Opps, as for the meaning, it means once again you Rock!
  • well, I am just guessing but it looks like you have a new board in hand, Congratulations! now as for which one, hmm... could it be the flat form-factor IMU ?
This reply was deleted.