Can Your Frame Do This


There has been some question on the strength of a 3d printed quadcopter I had some wonders myself as to just how strong it was so I put this little test together not bad for a frame that weighs 636 grams  

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  • So we reworked our design slightly we reduced the weight of the frame down to 480grams we thought 120 pounds was more strength than we needed should be flight testing in a few days ill post results we were also able to get the follow me working and it is now capable of flight without the use of a radio flying solely from a smart phone

  • Here Is A loiter of the PLA the abs isn't going to be that much difference as far as the heat I leave it in my car all the time it would have to be pretty hot PLA softens at 50c that's 122deg

  • I'm impressed that you can get this kind of strength from a 3D printer!! I'd love to see one made from ABS however, I'd be concerned about the PLA going soft or deforming if the frame was accidently left in a hot car, or something like that...
  • no but they sure help you know which way is the front

  • MR60

    Humm wonder if green arms are stronger than white arms :p

  • Oh and I took out the battery

  • 3701924058?profile=original

    ok there is 120 pounds I would have kept going but I ran out of cinder blocks

  • Nice post some pics id like to see it im actually going to keep stacking till it breaks today to see how much it will hold

  • I have a 1kg Octocopter frame that can support 180lbs in the same test. :)

  • Yea I haven't tried the nylon filament yet I'll have to give it a shot not sure about the rigidity of the nylon I know the pla is the most rigid. Witch is nice it's super solid the down side is its so rigid it can be brittle I'll have to play with the nylon thanks for the link
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