Canadian FrSky Taranis batch 1 is shipped!


This is it... all of FrSky Taranis batch #1 packaged and all ready for Canada Post pickup! 

Also got to meet a lot of you for local pickup, it was busy!  For one night it felt like HobbyKing in here (all remaining units exceeding the pre-orders got sold in 14 minutes after the very late newsletter!) Thanks again!  

I know a lot of you (if not all of you) waited quite a long time for this shipment, well FrSky fixed the gimbal issues from test batch 1 (shipped to USA but not Canada) and now this is the time for us to also get our hands on some updated/revised units. I did test them out and no more gimbal sticking off center. 

There is still a small buzzing sound on the speaker, apparently there is a Cap/reisstor? fix... (post it if you know, hard to stay up to date and ship at the same time!) 

The demand is still crazy but this will satisfy quite a few customers! 

For those of you who have already started to tweak and mod your Taranis Radio, please post your settings, firmware update or tweaks that you applied! I did not see a lot of threads around here but I know there is a very long one on RCGroups. Would be nice to see some here too! 


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  • Second that, way to go Dany... Glad that we have local resources working hard to support us here in Hoser land...

  • Way to go Danny!  congrats!

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    Sweet!  For anybody interested, I've got some EastBay RC Taranis Tutorials collected over on RC Groups:


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    Sleep?  why? it's such a waste of good valuable time! :) 

    hehehe  well I got trained pretty well to not sleep when we had the Twins, so I just kept it going when they started to sleep... wow that was already 6 years ago!

    And no I was not able to keep one for myself... and I got a lot more than 30... you do not see all the local pickup that were already gone, no point putting them in boxes for those guys! 

    So even if I got a lot it was not enough, the waiting list is slowly growing back now and I do not have clear confirmation when the second batch is coming, could be in a month and by then I guess they will all be sold again. 

    You might think it's a nice problem but really it's a pain! I much prefer to have stock than dealing with waiting lists. 

    Ok, now I go back to shipping, there is a lot of guys waiting for parts and the Taranis "fun" created a bit of a backlog... I am running 1-2 day behind now and I hate that.  Oh and I am getting very bad on the repair bench, I have 2 copters sitting there with urgent need for surgery but no time! 

    I need to clone myself! :) 

  • hmmm... I see 29 boxes and read elsewhere that they came in lots of 10. Kept one to play with yourself Dany? 

  • You exceeded expectations again Dany! I received your newsletter first thing Saturday morning saying that they were in and you would start shipping early in the week. I then received your email sent 01:38am today (Monday) saying it was shipped (O.K., I know, it really means shipping info entered). Canada Post says delivery Tuesday. Not much possibility of being earlier in the week than that.

    As I asked in an email exchange with you a few months ago, after placing yet another evening order then seeing shipping notification after midnight, don't you ever sleep?

    Thanks again,


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    @Robert, I do not know about FrSky production capacity but currently there is a lot more demand than what they can produce / ship.  I am one (the one?) dealer for Canada and deals directly from them with the help of Wayne from http://www.alofthobbies.com/ So the stock should start to flow in steady.  But I was restricted in my first batch to about 40% of what I wanted to order... 

    The major delay was for the fix of the gimbals and/or any other tweaks they did to it since "version 1"  (not clearly labeled, I just know that none of the ones I received had the glitch) yes I did test them all!

    For the "rumors" 12 and 16 radio... you know as much as I can speak about :) 


  • @Dany

    I've been working on the OpenTx Mavlink support for the regular 9x. See Opentx forum topic or DIYdrones forum.

    It has been a bit slow the last view weeks due to lack of spare time. But I have some new updates in the pipeline for the coming weeks.

    I am also on a waiting list here in Holland for a Taranis, so as soon as I can get one I'll hook up the telemetry to a Arducopter and start porting :-)

  • Were you at the Maker Faire in TO this weekend?  I heard about it too late, but I heard somebody had "robotic helicopters" there so maybe it was you?

    You have any word on the FrSky 12 and 16 channel units?  These are the ones I'm waiting for.  

    I'm curious about the sales and availability of the Taranis.  Seems nobody can keep them in stock.  Is it because they just can't make many of them?  Or are sales so high they just can't keep up?  Like, how is overall sales of these compared to all the other brands?  Are they destroying the competition, or are they still an niche player and just have really low production volumes?

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    Hahah good catch Robert! forgot to remove the coffee before the picture... oh well 3am that is a good excuse. 

    @OG, selling them $229CAD to stay as much as possible in line with the US price of $200

    I suspect the price to come down to $215 when the stock level get stable (if it ever will!, the pre-order list for batch 2 is already at 10 hehe you guys like them!)  No official ETA on batch 2, could be 2 weeks to a month.

    @Jason Thanks, I did see the IOBoard latest config to spit out to the D8R-II  (using serial...) but The X8R has to use the SBUS Port... will it work?  got to find some time to test that out! 

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