Castle Creations QuadPack 35, 35AMP Multi-Rotor (4)Pack


Castle Creations is introducing the QuadPack 35. This pack of four 35-amp multi-rotor ESCs is equipped with three (3) ESCs without a BEC and one (1) with a BEC*. Each ESC has optimized firmware specifically designed for quadcopter and other multi-rotor platforms. Refresh rates up to 490 Hz give your platform optimum stability and maneuverability without missing a beat. QuadPack 35 comes preprogrammed for multi-rotor platforms and is recommended for platforms ranging from 450 to 650 sizes pulling up to 35 amps** and running up to 6S LiPo. As with all Castle ESCs, this product is easily programmable using the Castle Link USB adapter (sold separately).

*The single BEC supplies power for all 4 controllers.

**RC HOBBY APPLICATION RATING: 35 amps for the duration of a single 4,000 mAh battery pack with the ESC in contact with a 5 mph airflow of 25C (77F) or cooler air. Controller temperature must never exceed 100C (212F). Exceeding current or temperature ratings may damage components and may shorten the life of the ESC. Always verify system current draw at full-throttle. Decrease load or increase airflow to decrease the ESC’s operating temperature.


Continuous Maximum Current: 35A
Input Voltage: 7.4-22.2V (2-6S LiPo)
Input Connector Types: Bare Wire
Output Connector Types: Bare Wire
Length: 1.93 in (49mm)
Width: 0.88 in (22.4mm)
Height: 0.33 in (8.4mm)
Weight: 0.98 oz (27.8 g) each
BEC Voltage: 5.5V; 5A continuous, 7A peak

Paul @ WavetechRc

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  • I'm considering purchasing wholesale quantities of ZTW Spider ESCs for sale in our store. Anyone have experience with this brand and can tell me if they are a high-quality choice for multirotors? They claim to come factory flashed to SimonK, use N-FETs, and external crystal oscillators. Here are the specs and suggested retail prices for each:

    Spider 20A OPTO 5020301 20A\30A 2-6Lipo 23g 25x43x9mm $14.7
    Spider 30A OPTO 5030301 30A\40A 2-6Lipo 25g 25x43x9mm $16.5
    Spider 40A OPTO 5040301 40A\50A 2-6Lipo 33g 27x52x10mm $20.1
    Spider 50A OPTO 5050301 50A\60A 2-6Lipo 48g 37x52x10mm $27.5
    Spider 60A OPTO 5060301 60A\70A 2-6Lipo 50g 37x52x10mm $35.9

    Has anyone here used this brand and can vouch for them, or recommend avoiding them and going with another brand? I want to only sell products that I can be sure are excellent quality. If I have to deal with a large number of returns from dissatisfied customers, then that's less time I can spend coding SplineNav and other cool open source projects ;-)

  • I have been in the hobby for 15+ years and have always had good experiences with castle creations.  Most of the failures I have seen are due to improper setup.  I typically run all of my equipment at the specified limit or just beyond.  There are simple things that can be done to allow the components to function well that a lot of people overlook.  I have two quad packs on the bench that are going on a Y6.  I am excited to try them, but hope the castle link is updated soon to provide connectivity.  I already know that the DJI speed controls are not as efficient as a high end controller (in my case one that is not on the market).

  • I got a few in my airplanes, racing cars, boat... Love them and will try these on my quad, not only a good product they're pretty much the only brand that does manufacturing in the US the rest of brand name products are made from Taiwan and China that I order for the store.

    Even if I am Canadian lol, I like supporting a good American company like that.

  • @Justin I disagree that "It would be unreasonable to expect an esc to perform the same in [varying conditions]" Perhaps it's not reasonable at the extremes, where a constant full load with no cooling is compared to a gentle cruise in cold, fast air, but any good design is robust to those kinds of situational changes. The easiest way to make a given design robust to those situations is just to derate it. If the max load for these ESCs was 25A, would they still overheat in the extreme conditions?

  • To their credit though - I'm really suprised nobody else does packages like this, and it's actually a good idea (as long as they're available individually too). Only T-motor with their "matched" sets seem to do it for motors, but not for ESC's.

  • True...but such tight specs do reek of liability waivering, and a possible knowledge that running at the full amp rating will cause it to fail (although I suspect *no* ESC can do this).

    Some guys seem to have good CS with CC, and that's ok, and actually I can see the value in that having been stung by the lack of support on cheap crap.

    But I'd really want to know how bulletproof these are before blowing that amount of cash, and their past and online stories - whether truly justified or not - warrants caution.

  • @Euan I actually find that more useful in that they are telling you the parameters of their test and design.  It would be unreasonable to expect an esc to perform the same in a 30mph wind as it does when wrapped in insulation.

  • And doesn't anyone find it strange their performance criteria are little....specific? ie:

    35 amps for the duration of a single 4,000 mAh battery pack with the ESC in contact with a 5 mph airflow of 25C (77F) or cooler air.

    Worried about burn outs, maybe...? Only one battery? How many people here only fly one battery...?

  • (It should be noted - I *always* overspec my ESC's by at least 10A).

  • I've not been in the hobby long enough to burn through ESC's, but I do know that:

    - HK multistars are utter pants in both 4S and 6S configs

    - Tmotor opto pro's are great, right up to the moment a motor starts to get slightly sluggish, whereapon they let go. If they were any more of a surrender monkey, I'd call them French.

    - RCtimers are indeed SimonK, but are extremely fragile.

    - CC' Rob says are not that reliable; with one refiinement...FOR THE PRICE YOU PAY. Hell, for $138 these had better be utterly bulletproof!

    I'd give Rob a like purely because his first post made me laugh...I will forever call them Castle Cremations now :-)

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