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  • I am not sure that open source communities want to be lawless but more self governed. When things start to get bigger ND more complex as the grow there is the need for organisation and guidance/control of some sort. Otherwise advances tend to get lost in the quagmire and people start to take things out of the commit without putting back in.  Eventually money need to become a pat of it.  The trick is to make it a very small amount spread over a large community.

    Amateur radio is a good example that grew out of a need for the technology in the community, unlike drones which are not really needed at the moment.  Especially n Australia where communications over long distances were essential.  However, the HAM radio scene is declining and even in my field where we operate a lot of RF gear there are few trained and licenced operators. One thing with Amateur radio is that a defined set of standards were set up and people are required to learn, test and register.  The must be licenced and equipment is restricted.

    There are a lot of rules and regulations but the community in radio seems to be self regulated quite well.  The biggest difference is that you need to be very involved to get into radio.  The theory is quite complex and you must be licenced to transmit.  If you apply that to drones and RC then you really need to setup a standard assessment and a body that can test and licence.  Just like the model associations over here.

    I am guilty of not really taking part in ocal events R getting trained and assessed as by them but I am going to fix this.  There are "Wings" ratings etc through various model associations and I guess the best approach is for the drone community to take part in this, get involved and help make use of existing resources out there.

  • Alex I think part of the problem is perhaps people think I want to profit from the idea. Well for one it's not an idea it's what all hobbies like ours have done in the past. Second I don't have the time to be the ring leader anyway and I don't want a cent of money.

    Alex all you have to do is start asking the right questions.

    If I where you I'd look at other hobbies in Australia like amateur radio and see how they got started in your country.

    There are lot's of examples to choose from. You can use those as your guide.

    If you have any questions feel free to just ask me.

    The problem with the business approach in the open source community is people do not want to spend money for authority when open source it's self want's to be lawless.

  • Hey Rocketman!  I agree that we need a voice but most people are nt sure how to go abut organising it.  I live in Australia so it is a bit different for me over here but we are still facing similar issues.

    I do think that there are already people and groups that we can use to help us and the mere we get involved the more say we have.  There are many people with strong opinions on this site and a few who have set up their own web pages and companies that come from the hobby community.  I think that utilizing these resources might be the way to go.  The open source community is huge and can be a bit unfocused due to its nature (It is what makes it so good and bad).  Maybe we need a little bit more business approach and less open community.  It is probably the only way we will get heard.

    I like the fact that you are willing to try to get the ball rolling.  I for one would love to be part of any community group but I do not live in the US.

  • And Crickets lol ok!

  • With proper support we can get our own seat. A seat that really represents this community of hobbyist that can keep the innovation for the hobby going and protect the rights of our hobby. 

    We need to make our own rules, rules that we can all agree will keep our hobby alive. With enough support we can make an impact.

    Rather than arguing amongst ourselves we can join together and have a real voice.

    That's really all the outside world wants to see us do. We need to show them we care about ourselves and we want to be responsible.

    That single effort will calm things down trust me it has worked for all the other hobbies!

    It's not that what we do will change everything because it really wont change the fact that drones can be dangerous. There are very real dangers with other hobbies like rockets and car racing and even amateur radio can be used for bad.

    But stepping up and showing we want to be responsible is the move that will give the people what they want to see and give us more of what we want in the hobby.

    Drones are cool and the hobby needs protection more than we need to worry about commercial issues.

    I'm pretty sure I know how it's going to work out commercially I have to because it's my livelihood. I'm not even worried about that. I know I have what it takes regardless of what the requirements end up being. I have worked directly with the FAA. We have real pilots. Our company is developing new technology and we don't care how long it takes to use it commercially we just want to be ready when the hammer drops. The reason I'm not worried is because so few companies are doing what we do. We have the right connections so why would I worry about that?

    It's the hobby everyone is forgetting about. Just like in the cartoon the people are concerned about unregulated drones!

    Why will we let the public the FAA and whoever decide for us?

    Do we have a voice! I want to hear a voice! Speak Up! If you can hear?

    Or is this Horton Hears a Who and your thinking "I'll try a YOP?"

    Take it from 17:40 on and see what I'm talking about.

  • It's not nearly too late for a grass roots type of organization for hobby drones.

    We need an organization that is not tied to any commercial efforts and not tainted toward the current situation with commercial drones.

    Honestly I'm not at all worried about commercial drones that will be worked out I have no worries there. I have my own commercial company Aeronautic Enterprises Inc.

    But what I am concerned about is the hobby.

    I don't think the AMA is going to cover the ideals this community represents or do I think I want them as the voice for the hobby from this community and I'm pretty sure most of us agree.

    Am I wrong about this? Because without the support of the community we cant do much.

    Is there a voice for the hobby here?

    Please speak up!

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    Its too late the process is happening and RCAPA has a seat at the table. If you do move forward make sure you know about ASTM F-38 and SFAR 107

  • No not really. We need something that is just for Drones. Because most drones today are so autonomous that they do not fall in the RC category exclusively any more. I am thinking of names:

    ADHE - The Association for Drone Hobbyists and Everyone Else

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  • Now you guy's are thinking!

    I think we need a grass roots organization. The reason being there is not really an organization that fully understands the needs of this community.

    Me personally I don't think the AMA can handle our community properly.

    If you agree with me. I can help you. But it is going to take some work! Are you and this community really concerned enough to put forth the effort?

    If there is really strength in this site NOW is the time to prove it.

    Yes! The drone manufactures are doing the right thing. Yes, I do believe they will support the right group.

    If we can get enough momentum going it will all work out.

    But ALL droners have to realize they need an organization that is the first step.

    If we want to say no! We all need one voice.

    So far I see 3 men trying. Is there a 4th?

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