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  • Bill, We clearly understand the threat here. Thats not the point of our debate. What we are trying to suggest is that instead of completely and brutally destroying drones and drone operators, there should be regulatory bodies in place that need to be setup. If terrorists are going to use drones, then they WILL, irrespective of whether drones are banned for commercial use or not. Terrorists can come to this very website and learn how to DIY a drone. Does that mean that this whole site has to be web policed now. Thats just not ok. And if you are ok with the NSA monitoring this website 24/7 then u shud be ok with the NSA tapping into ur every text message too, no matter how privvy it is to you. The argument is that you cannot completely silence a humming bird if its capable of humming but you definitely tame it the right way. Moreover we in the industry are just appalled by the lack of information the authorities know about drones. They could probably even agree to the fact that drones can spook in your backyard and impregnate women when noones watching them. Thats the level of disgusting lack of information bodies of authority have at present time. Heck theres not even a definition of a uav or a drone in Indias civil aviation act of 1939. Drones are here to stay and they will even be pervasive no matter what. But lets make sure we build responsible system to put drones to their best use instead of treating them like Hiv viruses.
  • I don't really understand these comments. Would you prefer that police NOT pay attention to an issue that we all know is real? The jamming talk is disturbing because it shows they're still far behind the curve. If you were going to use a drone in a terror attack, wouldn't it be autonomous?

    I'm very interested in everything drones can do, but pretending their are not potential problems that law enforcement and government will have to deal with seems just strange to me. You folks are all much smarter than that.

  • I agree. Anything controlled and regulated is always better than not regulated. Take the example of prostitution. Mexico City does a fine job of regulating this and make sure that HIV does not spread like wildfire by regulating it. And HIV kills more people in the world than guns do. Look at it from this angle.. prostitution is lesser of the two evils the other one being rape. So which of the two evils is worse? Failing innovation and businesses because of lack of knowledge of what a UAV means or operates or shooting people out of the sky?

  • Registration would not kill the hobby.  It won't stop people from flying or avoid stupid or malicious behaviour.  It will only provide a mechanism for accountability and that will only apply to those who follow the rules.  It only allows the fear mongers a way to allow the hobby/business to continue with some form of assurance.

    Just like gun registration, people still behave badly, do stupid things and I am pretty sure that most criminals don't register their weapons but would you want to make gun ownership completely unregulated? Registration doesn't seem to have killed shooting as a sport.

    In reality, if we want this technology, hobby and commercial interests to advance something needs to change.  Registration wont stop the stupid and foolish but the bigger picture is how do come up with a system that allows us to keep flying without a complete ban or needing stupidly restrictive  laws.  What is the problem with registering and self regulation?

  • Sure, you can talk about the various security hazards of drones, but it ain't any different from the hundreds of folks who carry licensed guns and weapons. What we need globally is a system in place that provides a licensing model for authorized drone operators, but you can't place worldwide bans and simply promote the security hazards. Its impacting businesses and innovation to a very significant level, specially with the DGCA over here in India placing an all India drone ban and when 3 of our companies contacted them including us, most of the authorities were even aware of such bans. As an aside, take a look at this video of one solution for drone safety. This is a drone with a leash.

  • Many slaves seem eager to have numbers branded upon them.

    Submission did not work well for the Jews.  We would do well to heed that lesson.

    Registration will prevent nothing, ZERO.  All it will do is create another scamming system for the gov..  Pay to register, then get fined for some minor BS every time you turn around.

    Nobody has even attempted to explain how registration/serial numbers will help in any way.  At least try to explain that before laying your head and hobby on the executioner's block!

    Legislation and oppression follows a predictable cycle.  It's a pendulum, not a one-way street.  Governments and the elite oppress the common man while leaving him the illusion of freedom.  At some point the oppression increases too much or the illusion of freedom is destroyed.  At that point the people revolt and generally kill, imprison, and/or rob the former oppressors.

    I see no evidence that the gov. could effectively control drone operations.  If they try and fail it could well lead to increased subversive activity by the drone enthusiasts, who are now disenfranchised by the attempted oppression.  

  • Ah guy's it's pretty obvious a drone can be used to cause harm. Choosing not to acknowledge this is just plain ignorant. I know for a fact and you know as well a drone can deliver a heck of a punch without risking your own life in the process.

    I agree small drones are not much of a threat but nothing keeps what we do from being used with larger aircraft. There is a very real threat weather you choose to acknowledge that fact or not.

    That is a good reason to worry about drones and trying to convince the world drones are safe and this is not relevant is kinda dumb.

    What we need to do is convince the world the risk is worth the worry. The way to do that is show them you are responsible and acknowledge their fears because they are very real. People are not ignorant and they know drones can be dangerous. Trying to tell them they are not is quite insulting to their intelligence and people do not like that.

    The better way is to show that you can be responsible by first of all your comments! Second show them that you care enough to self regulate. They surely are not interested in what you think your rights are. They want to know they are safe from threats as they can be that is all there is to it.

    As we develop as a one world civilization freedoms will be lost for sure. They are not going to go backwards and remove laws as we go forward. There is no place on earth that is going to have less regulations. There is going to be more not less.

    There once was a time you didn't need a drivers license! In my lifetime you didn't need insurance to drive a car. As the world progresses do you think there will be less regulation? LOL

    Not going to happen.

    Perhaps the Moon and Mars will open things up a bit again but here on Earth it's not going to be less government less fear or less anything other than freedom. It just does not work that way. You follow?     

  • @Alex Wong:

    Totally agree with you, we don't have to fear. But neither do we have to register everything around us, because, as common sense and many commenters said, everything is a double-edged sword, figuratively speaking. By agreeing to give up just a little bit of their rights, people always loose and the incrementalists win, step-by-step. And can you please mention just one thing that was banned or in other way regulated so that its potential for malicious abuse was completely eliminated? We'd better think about the fact that there are "laws" imposed by tptb and there are natural laws of humanity, dictated not by brain, but by heart, which are constantly violated by the state (all under the hypocritical banner of peace and justice), and the former and the latter are getting farther and farther apart daily.

  • Look people ,any thing from a skate board to simple garden chemicals ( can ) be a threat in the wrong hands , unfortunately over there in the US. uav ( drones) have gotten a bad rap due to the initial use of them by the US Military and the usual sensationalism by the media that just feeds the fear culture in the US. so guys this is just going to get worst, fortunately I don't live there.

  • I have noticed several positive media reports lately in Australia.  One was about Drones being used to gather DNA from whales as the migrate by flying through spray as they come to the surface to breathe.

    The second was the possible use of Drones to deliver medication and help to heart attack victims. Quickly delivering help before ambulance and medical crews can arrive in busy cities with traffic problems.

    For every negative report I am starting to see some positive ones as well, so maybe things are not so bad.  If we can focus on the positives then maybe we can reduce the fear.  I think the only way forward is some form of registration so that if something goes wrong the operator an be identified.  Normal operation would not be impacted and security departments would have some form of regulation.

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