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  • Karan It's my livelihood and regardless of the insults and what you think of me personally I'm far better connected than your giving me credit for. But who I am here and who I am at work are not things I want to mix together.

    Your completely wrong that they can't or wont ban drones.

    Drones are not the next big thing not in the sense your thinking of and yes the commercial end of drones will progress. That will be under very strict regulations requiring real flight licenses and training. Certified airframes and all the stuff real planes do.

    Commercial drones are not in danger the professionals will certainly work that out.

    Hobby drones are the ones that are going to get hit the hardest because they wont self regulate and the government wont have the time or the manpower to regulate you. So they will have no alternative to slapping big fines for flying in public or banning them all together.

    Sure I imagine you'll get to fly them but it will be much more restrictive than it would be if hobbyist would self regulate. I see it being regulated to flying fields in the near future if this continues. At that point hobby drones will be pretty much dead.

    Amazon deliveries via drone? Not going to happen not to your door. Jeff Besos can complain all he want's.

    Drones do not power our economy and can not for some time to come.

    It's not that big a deal unless you interested in flying drones yourself and that is always going to be a very small percentage of the public. At some point that will make us enemy #1 if the course continues to be this reckless and immature.

    I choose to try and help the drone community. Be glad I do because if not you would not want me on the other side trust me on that.

    There must be other mature people here that can hear me. I'm talking to you. Help these young people see the light about self regulation and forming an entity to represent them legally.

  • Look. I understand where you are coming from and as I said earlier I am sensitive to the fact, but I certainly believe you still aren't getting the context right. We are pro-hobby and pro-drones - not one without the other.

    No one's going to ban drones completely, let alone the hobby aspect of it. Have you kept up with the formulations of the various drone regulations in the US alone? Do you know how much pressure the Congress is under to get the FAA pass drone regulatory mechanisms under the likes of Google, Amazon, GoPro and other companies. These heavyweight companies have even formed a consortium to protect their commercial interests.

    And to again reiterate the point of the conversation so that you at least happen to get it this time around - we are not the one performing crazy pizza delivery or out of the blue shooting stunts. We are completely against such non-sense. But you can't kill a whole industry like drones, an industry so powerful to have an impact on every other industry known to man, simply under the pretext of incomplete knowledge about the security threats of drones.

    So I hope you understand this a little better now, and don't worry, we are not the ones who will kill your hobby, the ones who will in fact are those you are pledging for i.e. those who believe that drones are capable of stealing away our genitals. By not making an argument in favor of proper drone regulations, you are supporting those folks who will never allow you to fly your drones i.e. the authorities in this youtube videos. That's how your hobby's going to be killed - also known as self-termination.

  •  I could run a spelling and grammar checker I suppose but this convo doesn't rate one. If you cant catch my drift or smell what your stepin in no amount of grammar or spelling will help ya.

     Once again I've tried to help you avoid the issues your heading into. Guy's like you seem to think your so smart and the rest of the world is stupid or nitwits.

     It's obvious you just want to rebel from what the rest of the world believes. That's fine with me! But it has no place in the sky or on the road ect... If you want to endanger yourself I don't care. But endanger my hobby that I do care about.

     As soon as enough drones get flying(because there are not many flying yet. I don't see drones everywhere I go in fact I don't see many drones flying at all) But if this continues to grow it will spill out of the basket and when it does all hell will break loose and when that happens they will ban drones period.

    With that attitude I don't see it being much longer I'll get to enjoy the hobby end of my work. I find that extremely unfortunate. Because it could have been avoided.

    It will be here that I tried that's the best I can do. But I am right regardless of how it's spelt.

  • BabyMan! oops RocketMan I meant sorry!! You seem quite entertaining. I have never had the opportunity to speak to a joker who can be so irrelevant. Super stuff.. I had a hearty laugh this evening, thanks so much babyman correction rocketman.. :)) 

    P.S: Before you carry your entertainment further to the masses, I have a feeling you should get some English tutoring for yourself.. I have a feeling your English might jeopardize your entertainment career. There are a bunch of folks available for 5 bucks on Fiverr who can fix u up with this.

  • We shale see and for your information your comments are here for history as well. Yeah prostitution is a great parallel and your statements have maturity and weight. lol Grow up.

  • Sure.. nitwits waste their time blabbering away. Not sure if your mind is in the right place either because dont seem to have really picked up on the context of this conversation in the first place. We all agree on having regulations, but the ones that will serve the community the right way. If you still cant contribute rationally to this discussion then let history befriend you my friend. Good luck!
  • Trust me there is no "Drone Hysteria" Yet! This is nothing compared to what is to come. Without regulation and respect for everyone else in the world I see from droners and the attitude they have. You will get drones completely banned because of lack of respect if nothing else. I'm gonna laugh because I told you so. I've taken the proper steps to insure my company get's to keep flying. Your gonna be crying and then just fade away into history having destroyed the hobby as well.

    This is so rediculas because when drones are really seen flying overhead unregulated the public will demand you stopped. The thought that drones even hobby drones buzzing all around doing this and that is not reality. People will not stand for that. Invasion of privacy and danger to their life are the 2 big reasons you'll get the hobby grounded.

    Just keep talking I'll be watching when the crying starts. There's no intelligent life here Scotty beam me up. When you get you hands slapped you'll start acting like adults. I hope it's not too late to salvage something by then.

    Gezzz what a waste of my time.

  • I couldn't agree more Michael. The authorities should be the first people who need to be babysat through a "What's a drone?" session

  • Hi Folkes

    I live on a a small Caribbean island that is considered 3rd world by the so called standards that are set by the larger countries, but it often amazes me the level of plain stupid ignorance that comes from those in authority from the so called 1st world countries.this whole drone hysteria thing, really, a car in the hands of a mad man could do a lot more harm that a drone .

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