CF flying wing


So I have been working on this for a while now. It is designed for aerial photography/surveying. Carbon fiber flying wing, quite durable. Had an excellent vendor work on this (manufacturing here is much cheaper in India). Here are some specs:

Wingspan - 1.4 m

All up weight - 1.2 kg

Payload - 300 grams

Endurance - 40~50 mins ( Plans to experiment with li-on batteries to increase the endurance)

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  • @Abhinav Pandey, the Titan batteries are great for endurance flights. They give me the best performance on my flying wing.


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    Abhinav Pandey's Page on DIY Drones
  • @Ravi. Here is may email -

    I am also based in Delhi btw.

  • @abhinav, I want to use it for general flying. I already have EPP and EPO flying wings. can you please provide your email.

  • What does it do that all the other flying wings out there don't...?

  • Hi Ravi,

    The objective is to sell it as a complete surveying product. Are you planning to use the frame for general flying or do you have any specific use case?

  • @abhinav,

    I would like to buy one air frame. from where can I buy. I am in delhi.

  • Thanks Nitesh.

    Not yet. Right now the focus is just to have a photogrammetry tool. Something like sensefly eBee. But yes with few modifications in the design a camera can be mounted in the nose for FPV flying.

  • That looks super sleek and awesome. Wonder if you can use it for general FPV flying?

  • It is two directional CF so specific strength is greater than that of aluminum.  It has crashed from height of 15-20m on plain ground and has survived with just few scratches (it was a nose dive). EPP will not just bite the dust it will become the dust. 

    You are right about having a detachable wing design. I will implement it in further versions. I don't want to go for more than two pieces. It is (usability + aesthetics) vs portability, I have to find a middle ground.

  • How is its durability in comparison with EPP? Also a detachable wing design would be easier to transport.

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