(I don't you think you launch them like an Easystar Chris)

Marco Della Cava USA Today

BERKELEY, Calif. — The flight plan of Chris Anderson's life is filled with funky layovers. Punk rocker. Physicist. Magazine editor. Book author. Geek dad.

But all those stops were just formative detours on the journey to his current role as CEO and co-founder of drone-maker 3D Robotics.

"I could argue that every step of my career makes sense, although from 50,000 feet it looks utterly random and insane," says Anderson, 52. "Even the punk rock phase makes perfect sense. Well, no, it doesn't make any sense at all."

Anderson laughs easily and readily, often at himself. Make no mistake, he's a voluble Renaissance man who's fully aware of his accomplishments as a particle physicist (at Los Alamos National Lab) turned magazine chief (with The Economist and thenWired, which he edited for the past 12 years).

But he'd rather talk about how he's the dumbest guy in the room at 3D Robotics, a mushrooming year-old garage-based operation that — thanks to some $37 million in venture capital infusions — is poised to be a leader in the coming drone economy.

"Being a journalist and being a CEO are similar, because as a journalist you're writing about the do-ers, and as a CEO you're empowering them and taking delight in their success," says Anderson. "I'm the worst programmer and electrical engineer here. And I should be."

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    Chris responds to Gary:  "Stand back and watch me!"

  • Couldn't happen without the ideas from Chris and all the others involved.

    this hobby/work/business/sport/ is so fun, Thank you all  !!

  • Be sure to share some of the buyout with the ardupilot programmers.

  • Moderator

    Ahhh, so Chris, that's what we had to do to get that photo at the restaurant! (:

  • Moderator

    I want to start reading about the airstream tour, it keeps making appearances in things.

  • Chris is many things to many people.  I most respect him for being an incredible dad.

    Can't wait to see what his kids accomplish.

  • MR60

    Chris Anderson is as far as I am concerned an inspirational leader. I recognize "grandeur" in the way he remains humble and a family man, based on what I can perceive. Let's hope money and success will not destroy this.

  • "There's a great future in drones. Think about it."



  • Admin


    Nothing like the sweet smell of success!!!


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • Today's 'something' I learned: Chris Anderson worked in particle physics research.

    Yesterday I did not know that.

    I will have to discuss this with my Theoretical Physics buddy.... seriously. He says I should be working in the experimental side of research. We both know there is no money in that.

    If 'The Graduate' were remade in now, Mr. McGuire would be saying 'drones' instead of 'plastics'.

    (Does anyone else think Chris kinda looks like Mr. McGuire?)


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