Changed the 2.1 for 2.0 hardware features.....

Hi all, i m ready for the ground test.Before starting i would like to clarify few things here..

I dont have Z sensor and air speed sensors soofcourse no throttle control then also... I was ok with version 2.0 but since i would like to add the config utility feature without increasing any hardware. So i made few changes in 2.1 version so that it can work successfuly with 2.0's hardware(only XY sensor).
I have made these changes please confirm is it right and please tell me if any other change need to be done. Just remember i want to add config utility in 2.0...So these are the changes i made:
#define SHIELD_ENABLED 0 //in main file

#define SENSOR_Z 0 //in main file
// i defined them as zero

//infrared3= (infrared3*.99) + ((float)analogRead(3)*.01); //in Sensors file
i commented this line because i dont have air speed sensor

3.(in sensors file)
#ifdef SENSOR_Z /// added a new line

throttle_set_point=PID_throttle(air_speed_hold, airSpeed(), t_dt);

#endif /// added a new line
// unbias_airspeed(); //// commented this line here

These are the changes i made please tell me which loop enables the configutility so that i may try another way just add that function in version 2.0.

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