Changed the 2.1 for 2.0 hardware features.....

Hi all, i m ready for the ground test.Before starting i would like to clarify few things here..I dont have Z sensor and air speed sensors soofcourse no throttle control then also... I was ok with version 2.0 but since i would like to add the config utility feature without increasing any hardware. So i made few changes in 2.1 version so that it can work successfuly with 2.0's hardware(only XY sensor).I have made these changes please confirm is it right and please tell me if any other change need to be done. Just remember i want to add config utility in 2.0...So these are the changes i made:1.#define SHIELD_ENABLED 0 //in main file#define SENSOR_Z 0 //in main file// i defined them as zero2.//infrared3= (infrared3*.99) + ((float)analogRead(3)*.01); //in Sensors filei commented this line because i dont have air speed sensor3.(in sensors file)#ifdef SENSOR_Z /// added a new linethrottle_set_point=PID_throttle(air_speed_hold, airSpeed(), t_dt);pulse_servo_0((throttle_set_point));#endif /// added a new linesensor_z();// unbias_airspeed(); //// commented this line here----------------------------------------------------------------These are the changes i made please tell me which loop enables the configutility so that i may try another way just add that function in version 2.0.
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