Chasing RIB boats with my FPV quadcopter.
I was sitting in the yellow boat. Pretty scary, flying over waves while holding the transmitter.

Some specs:
NTM 1200kv 250w
5000mah 3s lipo
Turnigy Plush 18 amp ESC
9x4.7 slow fly props
GoPro HD hero
1.2Ghz 600mw video transmitter
Dragon link for control
600 tvl WDR security cam 2000 for fpv
10 min flying time

The little vibration in the video is now sorted with some earplugs and silicon.

Enjoy the video!
Any questions? Feel free to ask.
Greetings from The Netherlands.

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Comment by Rolf M. on December 17, 2012 at 1:02am

It's negative that the videos block for germany

Comment by Diederik Geurtsen on December 17, 2012 at 5:00am

Hi Darrel,
It was my first time flying over water.
At first I wanted to add flotation devices, but I decided not to do that because, my quad has 50+ hours of flying time. Never crashed because of a technical error. Besides, if you crash from 100+meters up you can write your quad off aswell..
Those flotation devices catch a lot of wind, maybe come off and cause a crash.
Kinda high risk high reward strategy..
Once I launched the quad from the boat, you don't think about crashing in the water anymore, you only think of getting the money shot!

Comment by Diederik Geurtsen on December 17, 2012 at 5:01am

Rolf M,

Sorry to hear that.
Damm record company's.
I'll try uploading it again with different music.


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