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Hey Flyers, 

If you don’t already have your “go-to” mobile app for no-fly zones, flight logs, news, or weather, I encourage you to check out Hover.  Available for free on iOS and Android, it provides all the tools you need to navigate the airspace safely and legally.  Over 42,000 recreational and commercial pilots already use Hover! (ps. I’m the co-founder)


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  • Hey Dave!  

    I appreciate the kind words :) Send me a PM if you'd like some Hover swag! 



  • Hey Dan,

    I've been a happy Hover user since you released. Looking forward to your DJI integration. Keep up the great work!
  • Hey @Darius,

    The weather data we provide (which will soon include forecasts), is nearly the same as any other drone application out there.  Through we provide both TFRs and most airports in the US, so I don't understand why you think we don't.  And eventually we'd like to integrate with the DJI/3DR SDK and display our no-fly zone information and other features overlayed on a live video feed from the aircraft. 


  • Hey Bill,

    Thats a strange error code that you're receiving.  I just sent you a DM to help figure out whats going on.



  • Long live OpenMap free maps

  • Developer

    Never seems to work for me. It only worked when there was the embedded the Mapbox no fly maps inside a web view in the app, but that looks like it has been removed. see

    What do you do with the flight logged information?


  • @Dan,

    try to offer some added value since weather report app alone is not hot.
    So would add wind speed and direction since drone can fly high, exposed to stronger winds at higher altitude.

    Weather report for manned aircraft pilots is highly professional service and since small model drone is an aircraft by FAA legislation
    better go professional, as required by FAA.

    Another problem is your legal liability in case of missed no-fly-zones
    implemented from time to time bo FAA reports.

    Since your app downloads no-fly-zone data from FAA, it should get daily updates.

    Since no-fly-zone service by FAA is free and public a number of apps
    offer the same data.

    If you Fly Per Video, keeping your smartphone/ tablet busy with live video from drone camera, overleayed by minimOSD telemetry data (as option) you cannot watch one another smartphone, tablet showing no-fly-zone map/s at the same time,
    so no-fly-zone graphics should be somehow embedded into minimOSD, Fly Per Video as geofencing graphics overlay in landscape view.

    Just visit TFR service by FAA, TFR Maps

    to learn what your app is missing of
    TFR list

    Map Airports by FAA
    is still under development

    so your source of no-fly-zone data is limited
  • Hi Darius,

    At the moment, we don't connect to any aircraft.  However, we plan to in the future (DJI & 3DR SDK).  We simplify weather and no-fly zone data for the layman to read, rather than giving them complex information only suitable for manned aircraft pilots. 



  • Hi Dan,

    could you explain me how your app integrates with PX , autopilot, drone's onboard GPS since geofencing has been already implemented into autopilot software, weather report app is highly problematic if you don't get data from official site for pilots.

    Could you explain me how your app is tracking live geolocation of a drone flown ?

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