Chinese man makes what out of what?!

3689576461?profile=original So I found this via Yahoo, and I Included a link to the story. So going from what the story said, the man used motorcycle engines to create this man operated octocopter in china. Does not go very high, cant go far, and cant stay up long but its cool none the less. Now would you believe he is only a graduate of a junior middle school. Click on the link for more, but I had to share this! Fair flying friends!

ps: virtual cookie to anyone who can make something like this, I know its been done before, but still.

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  • He was trying to build a Hoover craft ! note: it is tethered  the tuned exhaust makes all the difference

  • yea little old but still even though its manual control its still cool, gutsy though yes.

  • Yahoo collect DIY freac project from chinese farmers
    Current picture dated 2011

  • Several years old, I would like to see current status.
  • I'm guessing manual control is sub-optimal for this, let alone trying to hand synchronize 8 gas motorcycle engines.

    The urge to fly does lead to desperate bursts of creativity and daring.

  • I hope he doesn't fall out of that box!

  • I love the fact it's setup for testing in basically the common area of an apartment building... Bet his neighbors love him... :)

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    This was posted last year, gutsy bloke

  • gas multirotor :D wonder what Flight controller is he using? or was it build from scratch too.

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