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  • @smartsam

    The CHR-6d outputs data using a custom communication protocol over a TTL (3.3V) UART. The datasheet has more details (

    Error depends on the filter settings that you use, and on the stability of your supply voltage (3.3V). The CHR-6d is pretty sensitive to power supply variations, so you'll want to power it using a linear regulator.

    The outputs are 16-bit signed measurements. To get actual rates, you have to multiply the output by a scale factor. (see the datasheet).

    As for reliability... I haven't run into any problems with it, and I haven't heard about any. Then again, I am biased because I designed it...
  • hello people....i am using 3DM GX1 and 6dof v4 ( bluetooth enabled )
    i want to know about this CHR 6D ..... is it reliable ?? i mean how much error do you get for measurements ?
    and what is the output format ??
    do we have to convert the output values using some formula to get the desired values in desired units ?? ( i mean as in 6DOF v4 , it gives adc values which need to be converted )
    please reply asap.....
  • Admin
    ok Caleb , thanks for clarification , I didn't mean to point any mistake , just couldn't understand 9 directions !!! , As i understand now it is 6 DOF IMU + magnetometer + gyro, It is still a impressive product. Would love to see a A/P application with this product in MAV :)
  • @Morli

    I did think of the IMU with mag. outputs as a 9-DOF sensor, which is incorrect. I've since updated the page to correct my mistake. :-)
  • Using GPS velocity to infer a reference vector (UAV nose) is not ideal though. In side-wind situations for example. Having a Magnetometer allows to have a cleaner reference vector for attitude correction. Biggest drawback is to account for local magnetic field perturbations and cancel them out. Not a simple problem with our electirc UAVs.
  • 3D Robotics
    The inclusion of a magnetometer can allow a complete attitude solution without a GPS. Good for inside or other GPS denied environments.
  • Morli,

    As Chris said, the 9-DOF means magnetic is included. It is not correct, but it is an easy mistake to make.

  • Admin
    thanks Chris , but then why or what is different from 6Dof , and why does the manufacturer mislead if thats what it is ? or do i need to read detailed paper about it some where ?.:)(
  • 3D Robotics
    That usually means a three-axis magnetometer. Not technically accurate to call it 9DoF but everyone does so anyway.,...
  • Admin
    'wait a little longer and CHR-9d Inertial Measurement Unit "Coming soon" as per website ??!! i can imagine the 6Dof but can anyone explain or hint regarding the additional 3 dimensions , where/what r they?? in 9Dof , thanks
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